LOTRO Adventure Log May-15-2007

Well now that I have finally decided on the character I am taking to the end-game and beyond in LOTRO it’s time to start blogging my adventures! My Burglar is my main character on the Brandywine server. Greybane was created on Friday May 11th and had a rocky start. I was feeling the drain of starting the lowbie areas for the umpteenth time. I didn’t like how I couldn’t find groups and the drain from previous servers really started to wear thin on my nerves. However once Grey reached level 18 things started to really turn around. You see, level 18 was the first time I actually felt like I was able to solo mobs with the normal amount of difficulty. Up until then I felt like I was getting pummeled and felt oddly weak. Over the weekend I wasn’t really able to play much and spent most of my time looking for fellowships to tackle the quests I refused to skip.

Greybane is now currently level 21 and I have never had more fun with the game. I really blazed through the Forsaken Inn quests and the Candaith line. Right now I have two maces and I can’t be happier with the stun proc combined with my natural stuns and evades. This afternoon I picked up the Retake Weathertop quest and found myself a really great group with members of the “All out Assault” kinship. They were a pleasure to group with and a breath of fresh air. I was able to, for the first time, take advantage of positionals, conjunctions, and I did so while feeling useful – something I never felt as a Champion. So with the biggest quest in my log knocked out and my Burglar level 21 I am currently breaking for a couple hours before returning to find a fellowship to tackle the weavers and goblin leader.

I’m looking forward to Ost Guruth and Trestlebridge as Greybane developes into a very capable character.

  • Hello Keen,

    Thanks for checking out my blog today. I like to see what my readers are also doing on the web. Thanks to mybloglog I was able to find you site.

    I really enjoyed your posts. I am thinking about trying LOTRO. I played it for about 1 hour during the last days of beta. The only thing that has kept me from playing it is its lack of PVP.

    How would you rate LOTRO?

    Talk to you soon.


  • Hey Fred! I found your blog and already have it book marked.

    LOTRO is a great game and in my review I gave the game an 8.4/10. While there is no traditional PVP of actual characters vs characters there is player vs player. LOTRO labels it “Player Vs Monster Player”. Players wishing to control “monsters” visit a special pool in major locations where they actually create a monster character.

    This monster character levels skills and abilities and gains strength as you use him in the “Battleground” called the Ettenmoors. Eventually once enough dedication is put into your monster character he can rival that of a max level player character. You defend locations like Keeps and towns and such and can enjoy large scale battles ala DAOC.

    It’s definitely worth playing if you are not currently wrapped up too deeply in a MMO right now.

    You can check out my review which might help fill in more information for you. https://www.keenandgraev.com/?p=108

    Thanks for visiting my blog and I look forward to being a regular reader of yours. 🙂

  • I’d have to agree with Keen, as well. 🙂 I’ve been playing it since August of last year (thanks to getting super lucky and being invited into Alpha) and I’m still having fun. It’s a VERY casual MMO that won’t force you to play it like a second job. I daresay it’s even more laid back than WoW (and of course more laid back than end-game WoW).

  • Yeah it’s absolutely more laid back in the endgame department but as a whole the game is as hardcore as you make it.

  • You may want to try knives. You can hit faster with them without much loss of power. I used the maces only because they were better then any other weapons I had at the time.

    I am not sure if LOTRO takes into account crushing blows, piercing blows etc…. My burglar seems to take on armored foes better with knives and takes on animals, bugs, etc… better with the mace.

  • That’s not a bad idea. I’m currently working on a quest with a fairly nice dagger reward. Hopefully the daggers won’t drain my power as much as the maces. I seem to run out of power when I fight more than two mobs in quick succession.

  • I’m starting to get a little bored as well of the Champion… combat just seems so… easy. I’m thinking of giving him a break and forging forward with my Captain and some other characters a bit.

  • That’s why I left my Champion. It was wearing thin on my “fun meter”. It was too simple, straight forward, and borer-line too easy.