Vanguard Forum Highlights 4/17/2007

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– Avalon’s Dungeon of the Week (DotW) offers players the chance to share their adventures in Hillsbury Manor with the rest of the community.

I’m not trying to be vain but I could single handedly help VG reach its subscriber goals, posts Punk-Rock-Golem. In his topic he discusses many ways in which Sigil can make Vanguard a big success. Check out what he has to say and leave your feedback!

Something’s wrong with this picture, can you tell what it is? Have a funny picture of your own to share?

– Lumio shares his pictures and experiences from the Woefeather Beach Party! “There were boat rides to the island, followed by a bunch of dancing and snow ball fights from the snow balls Ms. Keyjay gave us.” If you have pictures or experiences to share from your server events then post them on the boards! We love to hear about them. Great job Lumio.

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