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“The LOTRO Vault Forum Digest highlights topics on the LOTRO Vault and other popular LOTRO Forums. It is often easy to overlook or miss something on these quick moving boards. However my friends, worry not. The Forum Digest offers useful, insightful, and entertaining posts that you won’t want to miss. So sit back, grab a pint, and get ready for another adventure.

With Open Beta and founders both in beta the servers are practically in full swing. So with the bulk of the playerbase now playing the game wouldn’t you think the boards would slow down? Wrong! Message boards net-wide have never been more active. This week’s sizzling hot-topics were on repair costs, the economy, what Turbine did right and wrong, class strategies and so much more! I did my best this week to bring you what I felt were the most interesting and informative of the bunch. Enjoy!”

Link: Forum Digest 4/12/2007

MeanKeenLurikeen @ 11:58AM Thu 12 Apr 2007