New feature at the Vanguard Vault: Forum Highlights

Each week I will be covering the Vanguard Vault’s Weekly Forum Highlight. Similar to my responsibilities to the LOTRO Vault’s Digest I will be browsing the VGVault forums for humor, guides, insight, suggestions, and anything that might be worth sharing with the community.

Here’s a look at this week’s Forum Highlights:

– DeKyos brings us a Guide on Creating Crafting Macros which is sure to help anyone out there with sore fingers.

– vn_vigilante66 started a topic asking “If you could change one thing” what would it be?

– -Nuke- has written a guide on the Tomb of Lord Tsang Legendary Weapon Quest Upgrades! While not new on the boards, this topic is still finding ways to be useful to the community. Thank’s -Nuke-!

– Another great topic from -Nuke- shows the GM’s have a great sense of humor! While adventuring in Rahz Inkur a Gm decided to turn the whole raid into Gnomes and then Birds!

Ranger Guide 1.0 was posted on the Offensive Fighters board this week by TheLightningDragon21. His guide details abilities, tactics, group dynamics, and more. For new Rangers this is a great resource.

– A fantastic idea was introduced by Noisy_Cricket on our General board. How about a different quest tab for adventuring, diplo and crafting? Discuss this idea and maybe even throw in a few of your own!

You can see this week’s highlights and catch up on any you missed here!

If you come across a topic you feel the Vanguard Vault should highlight please feel free to send me an email or PM me here on the vault.

So like the article says, if you come across a topic you think is worthy of recognition send it my way!