What are You Playing this Weekend?

It’s the weekend again… crazy how fast that came. Unfortunately, Monday always seems to come that much faster which means it’s time to get in the gaming while there’s time!

I’m playing a couple of solid games this weekend.

Dragon Quest Builders on Nintendo Switch

DQB is such a phenomenal game. I’m loving the sandbox with a hint of being guided toward objectives. This is one of those games where my wife will randomly ask if we can play it tonight. Right now we’re still in the first chapter, but we’re spending a good amount of time gathering resources and making a neat city. We’re focusing on building rooms and function with moderate aesthetic appeal.

There are so many neat things to craft and ways to explore the world. So much of the game is still very new to us, so there’s a heavy amount and emphasis on exploration and ‘figuring things out’ which definitely adds to our enjoyment.