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Fortnite: Battle Royale

Woah, okay, so this happened. No shock to you guys, I was not a fan of Fortnite. I was suuuuper hyped for it to come out, and then extremely bothered by the awful execution and delivery.I might actually have a reason to… install Fornite again?Graev and an email this afternoon containing information about a new […]

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PUBG Sold 10 Million Despite Its “Potato Quality”

Today PUBG released a press release stating they sold 10 Million units. Last weekend, PUBG also topped the Steam played charts, passing up DOTA 2 and Counter Strike. That’s no small achievement for a game like this.10 MILLION SOLD! Never did I think we would reach such a number! Thank you all for your continuing […]

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We Need a True Minecraft-ish Survival Game

Random thought this evening… I’d like a true survival game using the Minecraft voxel style gameplay. Perhaps minus the ability to absolutely destroy everything and dig into the ground, but similar to the voxel build-what-you-want system.  I feel like Minecraft itself doesn’t have true survival anymore. Booting up a fresh game, even on vanilla, is […]

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