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Subnautica Launching This Month

Have you played Subnautica? If not, your opportunity to dive in head first should definitely be on January 23 when the game official launches!

Subnautica, after three years in early access, is finally going to be (hopefully?) feature complete. From the look of things on the roadmap, they're just ticking those last few project milestones including a launch party at the Monterrey Bay aquarium.

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Skyrim Survival Mode

I think the idea of a Skyrim survival mode is awesome.  What a cool way to keep updating a game that is getting up there in age.

Survival mode transforms the world into a "land of unrelenting cold and harsh wilderness." They're adding hunger, fatigue, cold, warmth, freezing water, reduced carry weight, sleeping to level up, and lots more.

I think some of the neatest additions are having to eat to survive. This means more random hunting will happen, and cooking food (or having to stop to do so) will make the world feel more immersive and sandbox.

Skyrim Survival Map

The world is also being updated to include climate regions, and other items for survival.

What I'm a little disappointed about is that instead of being a core update, this will be a "mod" to the game. I get how classifying it as a "mod" makes sense, but that also means restrictions.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will get to experience Survival Mode and other Creations early next month. Both PC and console players will get Survival Mode free for one week once it launches on their preferred platform.

I'm planning to pick up Skyrim on the Switch, and unfortunately there won't be any "mods" on the switch. Since Skyrim Survival is going to be a "mod," that means I'm out of luck. 

I don't really want to play it on the PC if I'm going to spend the money to get it (again) on the Switch. Just a grumbly bit detail for players like me.

Otherwise, a very cool (pun intended) update mod.


Fortnite: Battle Royale

Woah, okay, so this happened.

No shock to you guys, I was not a fan of Fortnite. I was suuuuper hyped for it to come out, and then extremely bothered by the awful execution and delivery.

I might actually have a reason to... install Fornite again?

Graev and an email this afternoon containing information about a new Fortnite Battle Royale mode. Here's what they said:


"We made a PvP mode for Fortnite. We love Battle Royale games like PUBG and thought Fortnite would make a great foundation for our own version. A few months ago Epic’s Unreal Tournament team began experimenting with the mode while the original Fortnite team kept updating the core game. The new Battle Royale mode was so much fun we decided to share it with everyone to get feedback. To maintain game balance we kept the PvP mode completely separate from the PvE mode."

Fornite Battle Royale is currently available on the public test server, and will release to the public September 26, 2017.

I'm wondering if this will scratch an itch for a game that's less camping-intense and action-deprived than PUBG. Building, breaking things, and zany combat might be exactly what I need for a Battle Royale. This appears way less twitch and 'gotta get the one-shot headshot' than PUBG, which means I might suck less than normal.

I am absolutely going to try this out and get back to you guys.


PUBG Sold 10 Million Despite Its “Potato Quality”

Today PUBG released a press release stating they sold 10 Million units. Last weekend, PUBG also topped the Steam played charts, passing up DOTA 2 and Counter Strike. That's no small achievement for a game like this.

I'm astonished that PUBG is doing so well. That's not because it's a bad game. Quite the contrary. PUBG has done a lot to enhance the battle royale genre. Its accomplishments aside, the production quality sucks.

One of the streamers I watch regularly (Lirik) is also one of the most-watched Twitch Streamers playing PUBG. Despite liking the game -- or at least liking his viewer count when he plays -- he calls the game "potato quality." The term 'potato' is his way of saying 'crap' or 'bad'. I like it, so I think I'll start using it too.

He's right. PUBG is potato quality.

PUBG isn't optimized well. It's janky. The graphics aren't anything amazing, either. They're just 'pretty good'. There's nothing 'high quality' about the build.

Yet it sold 10 million copies, topped Steam's play charts, and maintains a higher view count on Twitch than any other game during prime time.

I would really like to see a "AAA" build of PUBG. 

I would like to see DICE or another big shooter dev/publisher make a Battle Royale game. I would want to see them keep what PUBG did well, but make improvements to the engine.

Updating maps and working on improving the game -- moving that needle forward -- are also important. I think the team on PUBG is pretty small.

As much as I'd like to say that part of what makes PUBG shine so bright is its almost indie feel... it's just not true. I think that's one small part that holds it back.

So please don't consider this post as speaking poorly about PUBG, just a musing that I wish we could see such a fine game be taken more seriously by a team that might deliver a better engine and polished experience.


H1Z1 Wants To Be Faster & More Action-Packed Than PUBG

I'm on a PUBG binge lately. I can't get enough of the mad rush to pick up guns and shoot the heck out of everyone in the vicinity. 

What I CAN do without is the monotony of not finding gear, waiting to find other players, and sitting in a bush waiting out the play areas to shrink.

Here's something we haven't touched on almost ever on the blog... H1Z1. Daybreak wants H1Z1 to be faster-paced and more action-packed than its competitor PUBG according to their newest H1Z1 roadmap.

Our vision is for H1Z1 to be the dominant fast-paced, action packed game in the genre. This is what sets H1Z1 apart from its competition. PUBG is very clearly a slow paced, tactical experience. And they have certainly delivered on that vision. But ours has always been and will continue to be based on fast paced & action packed moment to moment gameplay. In the coming months, all of the updates and features we bring to the game will be driving towards fully delivering on this vision.

Their goal to achieve this faster gameplay sounds good to me.

H1Z1 Roadmap Improvements

Having really never played H1Z1, I'll put these improvements into context of PUBG.

Streamlined picking up of items? Needed.

More vehicles? Probably okay where we're at.

Easier to locate and get into action? I'd like that.

Airdrops we're good.

Upgrades to enhance base weaponry are probably okay, though some general improvement would be nice.

The biggest improvements of all would be to enhance getting gear and getting into the action. While true that PUBG is designed to be a little slower-paced and there is an element of ambushing going on, I feel like most of the games run a little stale after the 15 minute mark.

Interestingly, H1Z1 also published a pacing chart to show how they'd like the games to play out.

H1Z1 improved game pacing already patched PUBG

Maybe it's just me... but this is what my PUBG already feels like. If H1Z1 wants to be faster and more action oriented, then it's probably a better idea to cut to the chase at 2x this speed.

I want to hit the ground, grab some items, and immediately fight. Not that I need a way to 'find the action' because there has to be an element of survival, but I want to fight more.

Lately I have intentionally been dropping on the heavy-action areas. I'll go out of my way to drop on the military base or the school. I like those games where I'm either the one to come out on top, or I die in the first 2 minutes.

If H1Z1 wants to set a pacing that already looks as slower or slower than PUBG, I don't know that I'd jump in.

In fact, I need PUBG to speed things up a little bit. PUBG needs less 'hide in a building and home someone opens that door I'm aiming my shotgun at for 10 minutes' and more of the 'I see lots of people running around let's see who I can hit with my shotgun before they down me'.

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