What Type of Gamer am I?

What Type of Gamer am I?

I spent the last week reflecting heavily on the question, “What type of gamer am I?”

I started jotting down notes that game to mind, and I realized this would be a series of posts rather than one longer entry. I want to reflect on the various aspects of my personal gaming choices, my own personality, my habits, and outlook on games. These key elements all culminate into one clearly defined profile.

When I started Keen and Graev’s Gaming Blog back in 2007, I knew I thought, felt, and played games differently from most people. I think that’s still very true today. When I try to homogenize my style to fit in or be like others, I never have the same kind of fun as when I’m true to myself. When I try games outside of my comfort zone because they are popular, I always have buyer’s remorse.

So over the next few days I’m going to write up my brutally honest thoughts on what defines me as a gamer. I can think of nothing more fitting to write about as this blog inches closer to its 10 year anniversary.

I hope you will find this series enlightening and a reason to stop and think about the type of gamer you have become over the years. If you’re just finding the joys of gaming, this process can be very helpful to keep you on a path of enjoyment for years to come.

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