Keen and Graev do Everquest 2!

Well with some but not much convincing Graev picked up his copy of Everquest 2!  The thought of playing EQ2 again was exciting but now the thought of having a person to duo and experience it with is just too cool.  In the spirit of playing together I shelved Rargh and created Frob, the Ogre Fury to play along with Froob the Ogre Coercer!  An interesting duo there is no doubt.  So far we have reached level 10(almost 11!) and purchased our apartments in Neriak.  We aren’t sure what’s causing it but we experience some incredibly odd skippy lag in the city and can’t seem to figure out why.  Anywhere else in the game is lag free with high FPS until we zone in.  So until it’s resolved we shall avoid our homes like the plague!
Froob and Frob

We hope to see the world of Norrath one step at a time and have a blast.  If you’re ever out and about and need a Fury and Coercer we’re your ogres.

  • I may just have to come join you guys soon. I’ve been getting the itch to EQ2 it up again, but I’m still not sure. I’ve barely got time for LotRO right now and Pirates of the Burning Sea is just around the corner (I hope, if it doesn’t get pushed back too far).

  • Hello and welcome over to Everquest 2! I hope you guys enjoy it. I’m hoping you stay content with your duo box, but I’ll just throw out that probably best to box a tank/healer combo, I think you’ll definetely appreciate it in the long run. But have fun! The game is great!! Love the blog and looking forward to reading more of it.

  • Bildo – I’m also looking forward to Pirates of the Burning Sea but currently on the fence about whether or not I want to get into it. I’ll need more information as it becomes available. If you decide to get EQ2 look me up!

    Alex – Thank’s for your comments! When we very first played EQ2 from a little after release until mid 2005 we were a tank/healer combo. While we were definitely effective neither of us enjoyed our role. 🙁 This time around we went with the classes that most genuinely interested us and that landed us both in a dps/support role of sorts. Do you think we’ll have trouble finding a group as a Coercer and Fury as we level up?

  • Keen,

    I don’t think that you will have any problems finding a group with that class combination. Both are welcomed into groups. What server are you on?

  • I’m on Antonia Bayle. When my brother plays with me I’m on as Frob the Ogre Fury and when I solo I’m on as Delbert the Ratonga Brigand. 🙂

    Currently trying to relearn the ropes and get back into the swing of things.  The biggest surprise to me was when I had forgotten that skills should be upgraded past apprentice 1 and I was wondering why I felt weak.  Now I just need to earn enough money to upgrade! 😀