LOTRO Adventure Log May-18-2007

Well it’s time to catch you all up on what I’ve been doing in LOTRO this past week!  My last adventure log left off right before I went to Ost Guruth to begin my questing trek.  That night I did indeed go to Ost Guruth and I began the long and tedious chain quests.  For anyone who hasn’t done the quests in Lone-Lands yet don’t worry because I can’t possibly spoil anything for you.  The majority of the quests in LL are the same ones you’ve been doing since you started in Archet – Kill Boars and Spiders!  Something good did come from the hours spend quest grinding though.  I met a group of decent players while doing the Goblin Leader and Greatest Find quests.  Switching on my natural charisma I soon found myself invited to join their kinship.  “Game Over” recruited me to their ranks and honestly I’m glad to be a part of them.  There’s nothing like a solid group of players to make the fellowship quests go by quicker and the promise of seeing the end-game is another plus.

After finishing up the majority of the Lone-Lands quests we moved with a guild group into the Great Barrows.  Being only my second time in the place because I didn’t spend much time spoiling the game for myself in closed beta, I really enjoyed seeing the content of all the quests.  I highly recommend this instance to anyone who is looking for not only experience but loot.  Each of the bosses, I believe there’s three, dropped 3-5 yellow items all of which were upgrades for someone in the fellowship.  We finished most the quest chains in just over an hour.  I just need to go back and knock out “Sammy”, aka Sambrog for “Evil’s Final Chapter.”

Next stop on the leveling express – North Downs!  ND is either a place you absolutely love or you absolutely hate.  Littered with quests to kill boars, spiders, wargs, orcs, and goblins… this place is nothing new.  But if you look past that one common denominator you will see a very well done zone catering to groups and solo players alike.  The first stop in North Downs is Trestlebridge, a little burned down village.  You can get fairly decent gear upgrades and some amazing experience if you have the group to tackle the elite orcs.  I highly recommend you do every single quest.  After that the natural progression of the zone kicks in and you find yourself moving north to the little camps and Amon Raith.  Enjoy the Field of Fornost.. *snicker*

Currently I’ve completed the majority of the sub 30 quests and I’m grinding my way to 28 to the west of Esteldin.  I have a lot of orcs to kill to reach the 250 for the valour deed.  Ugh!  My plan for the next few days is to complete Book 2 and finish up the North Downs quests.  I would like to see myself done with Agamaur by the end of the week and working my way to the Trollshaws.