Disney Infinity: Cars and Lone Ranger Playsets

Whenever I can't get into FFXIV (Which is a lot) I play Disney Infinity. After spending quite some time with the Cars and Lone Ranger play sets I figured it's…

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Disney Infinity Is Amazing

Disney Infinity PortalHere I am again, despite my best efforts, caught up in some new toy / video game combo. I’m quite happy to say, however, that there is indeed something special about this one. While Disney Infinity may seem like a Skylanders rip-off from the outside it is anything but  that. Really the only similarities you can draw between the two would be the use of physical figures placed on a portal. I’m not going to declare that it’s better or worse than Skylanders because I still really love those. It’s just different.

Anyway, Keen and I have spent several hours with the game and I would love to share some of my thoughts.

The Starter Pack and the start of something magical.

The majority of Keen’s and my experience with Disney Infinity has been with the basic starter pack. With it you are able to play the game’s remarkably well done toybox mode along with 3 play set adventures: Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters U, and Incredibles.

We first started the game up, and as soon as the flashy intro/tutorial started we were immediately thrown back to being little kids. We both really love almost all things Disney so everything they presented was right up our alley. As various Disney properties sprung up and familiar characters graced the screen we were shouting, clapping, and squealing with delight like a couple of idiots. As soon as the tutorial ended we were dropped into one of the game’s toybox worlds featuring sprawling fantasy terrain and a rather lovely Disney castle. I placed a Davy Jones, Pirate (not Monkee), figure on the portal and Keen opted for Barbossa. Our characters came to life in game and we spent several minutes just running around, smacking each other, and just generally exploring. The toybox offers some pretty robust play options but we opted first to try out the Pirates of the Caribbean play set. (more…)


DuckTales Remastered

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Thoughts on State of Decay

State of Recay Review

Zombie games are rapidly approaching levels of overexposure similar to WWII games. Of course I can still enjoy them just like I could all the old WWII shooters, but even I’m starting to feel like I want something else to shoot at. State of Decay does do some interesting things to shake up the formula, though. Well, at least from my perspective. I’ve heard people mention it’s somewhat similar to Day Z but I wouldn’t know since I’ve never tried that particular game.

In State of Decay you aren’t just looking out for yourself. Sure you can run around killing zombies and collect useful weapons and supplies but you also have to help take care of the people holed up in your home base. This means keeping them stocked with food, medicine, ammo, construction supplies, etc. The numbers tick down every day and while I’m not entirely sure what happens if you run out, I do know that it obviously can’t be a good thing. You will also need to use these resources to upgrade your base and create various objects. The tricky part is that supplies don’t respawn so after you’ve already looted all the surrounding houses and sacked the local diner you are kind of a little screwed, forcing you to move on. It kind of creates the feeling that you aren’t necessarily trying to win so much as trying to hold out as long as you can before you lose. (more…)


CastleStorm Review

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Bioshock Infinite Review

Bioshock Infinite Review

I just beat Bioshock Infinite a few hours ago! One less distraction from my new Pinball addiction! Seriously, though, that pinball stuff is like crack.

But yeah, Bioshock Infinite, just beat it, etc. Actually, ever since then, I’ve spent several hours trying to decipher the game’s story and ending. I won’t spoil anything, but it’s pretty fascinating stuff. Approaches similarities to Stargate/Trek/Dr.Who levels of metaphysical complexity and nonsense, but still… Fascinating stuff.

Infinite has a lot going for it. The protagonist is instantly more interesting than that of the previous games because he has an actual personality and speaking part. The character glued to his hip for the majority of the game, Elizabeth, is surprisingly bearable. They were smart not to make the game one giant escort mission. Actually, if you look at it, she is the one escorting YOU around the whole game. She is invulnerable, constantly tosses you supplies like health and ammo, can shift useful terrain/items into existence, etc. Wow, I JUST realized the game is one giant escort mission… But the player is the annoying escortee! I’ll continue on once I scrape my mind off the ceiling. Read more after the break!