WAR’s new system: Zone Domination

In a youtube video (read more at the end of this entry to watch it) that paul prepared on his Birthday (happy b-day Pb), he and Jeff Hickman revealed a new “supplemental” system that is coming to WAR’s realm war system: Zone Domination.  According to the video, this zone domination system acts exactly how I’ve been saying RvR should act from the beginning: If you own all of the keeps and battle objectives, and you can defend them, then the zone becomes under your control.  What does this mean for the realm war?  It means EXACTLY what I’ve been saying it would mean – it means you have a reason to defend now and a reason to actively get out there and take stuff!  Without these silly bars of victory points (well, I assume they may be staying) you won’t have to worry about accumulating all these extra points and crap just to lock a zone.  If you own the objectives and the keeps in a zone then you own it.   All I have to say is FINALLY.

Unrelated to this video, I spent a long, long, long time logged in yesterday leveling my Squig Herder.  He’s now level 27 (almost 28!) and a little over halfway through renown rank 26.   I have all but my Devastator shoulders for my T3 keep sieging set and they look really cool and have made my little squiggy a beast.  I respec’d from Big Shootin’ to Quick Shootin’ as well because I was tired of sitting back and just plinking.  Don’t get me wrong, sitting back and plinking meant I was at the top of the damage charts and completely rocking anything that wasn’t a tank.  It just wasn’t my style though.  Quick Shootin’ offers me several abilities like: “RUN AWAY!” that allows me to hurl myself forward,  a huge boost to my bleed DoT, a new DoT/heal debuff that truly turns the tide of the battle, and splinterin arrows for my run and shoot – totally amazing ability to harry the back lines.

T3 still sucks though.  It’s dragging on for me like it always has and I just can’t wait to get out of it.  I really miss the feeling I had in T2.  I’m not even sure what it is really… maybe it’s that I felt like I was actually progressing at an acceptable rate in T2 or maybe it’s just that in T3 everything feels like it’s a huge burden to accomplish.   T3 feels “bleh”.  Maybe someone else can sum it up better than that.

Anyway, the Darkfall delay means I’ll have plenty of time to get my Squig to 40 and hopefully Mythic will have this ‘Zone Domination’ system in place soon. (more…)