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Roleplay vs. Ruleplay

I’m always analyzing what makes players behave a certain way or more accurately the way in which people play MMOs. My latest thought process brought me to this idea of Roleplay vs. Ruleplay. Players these days tend to follow rules laid out for them. Players are told to level up so they do. They are […]

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Virtual Worlds and Social Consequence

We had a discussion today and some intriguing ideas came up about player psychology.  We started talking about how just because players can do something doesn’t mean they should.  We ended up theorizing ways in which virtual worlds, not necessarily “games”, could be constructed to facilitate a deep and meaningful experience. In Open-PvP when players […]

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The “Ultimate RPG” – Again?

The consensus seems to be that Dr. Richard Garriott has lost his marbles.   Some call(ed) him the father of online gaming.  Some only know him for the failure of Tabula Rasa.  Some know him as Lord British, the creator of one of best (if not the ultimate) massively multiplayer online role playing games.  Despite thinking […]

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