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Valve is Making a Card Game

Heard about this one yet?Valve is making Halflife 3  “Artifact” – a DotA Card Game. Yep, that’s right, a card game.​ Initial reaction: WTF? Trolled!Followup reaction: Ugh, don’t they know card games are becoming a trope? Whyyyyyy? It’s Valve! We want Valve games!​ This is Hearthstone all over again — no seriously, Hearthstone was made based […]

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Paid Mods

Update: Bethesda/Zenimax has cancelled their paid mods with Steam. Refunds for all according to Valve. Steam has once again made a move toward monetizing all things games and placing themselves smack dab in the middle to take a cut. Now the Steam Workshop is going to support “paid creations” aka paying for mods. I’m not going […]

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Alien Swarm

Valve’s free title ‘Alien Swarm’ was released on Stream today.  It’s a third person isometric/semi top-down view shooter sharing many, many elements with L4D and other shooter titles.  Moving is done with WASD and aiming is done by moving your mouse which turns your character to face a direction and clicking.  You have a laser […]

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