Adventure Log: In a galaxy far, far away

Returning to SWG
I think my character’s face says it all.

I delayed last week’s adventure log a few days because I decided to do it on my mini-adventure back into the galaxy of Star Wars.  No, not the Old Republic.  I’m talking about An Empire Divided.   Some of you are still probably going “wtf is he talking about?” — SWG!  Star Wars Galaxies.

The urge to go back and play was overwhelming when I heard the news that SWGEmu is almost getting to the point where the long beta is over.  SWGEmu is a SWG emulator  recreating the game at the point it was at before the infamous combat update.   Since the real SWG was shut down, just about everyone who still wants to play the game is playing on SWGEmu — about 3,000 people online at any given time.

Entering such a vast galaxy as a completely new player is overwhelming.  A few of my friends were totally lost as to how to actually play the game.  SWG was never very good at taking the new player and getting them started down a path.  It’s really up to the individual to figure things out, or have another player guide them.  Sometimes the most confusing part of SWG is the best part: Crafting.

Crafting comprises the vast majority of SWG.  The entire game revolves around the player-driven economy.  Players craft literally everything, and everything has a use.  It’s such a complex system that I can’t do it justice here.

The key to understanding SWG, and understanding how to play, is knowing that combat is not the emphasis.  Did that blow your mind?  An MMORPG where you can literally never, ever, engage in combat and still have one of the most enriching, immersing experiences possible in a MMO actually exists.  The trick is understanding that you’re not progressing towards beating something.  The goal is to live and survive in the galaxy while hopefully creating a more comfortable existence for yourself while building relationships and enjoying the community.

Okay, so less about SWG and more about me.  Read on. (more…)


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