K&G E3 2010: Sony’s Press Conference Commentary

Sony wraps up the last of the big three console press conferences and we’ve just finished watching.  Our commentary below will give you our insights into what was announced and shown.  Microsoft really failed to bring anything and Nitendo set the bar high with a lot of exclusive games and some brand new surprising announcements.  Read on to find out where Sony landed at this year’s E3.

Killzone 3 – Showcasing a lot of action and good graphics.

PlayStation Move (Enhanced by Move) and/or 3D

Crysis 2
Mortal Kombat
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Tron Evolution: The Video Game
Gran Tourismo 5
and more…

PlayStation Move

It looks like a glowing icecream cone and there isn’t much more to this idea of “move” other than an alleged improvement upon the Wiimote.  Sony may be improving upon the motion technology for a hand-held device and how it integrates into the games, but where is the necessity in the core gaming for motion controls like this?  Baseball games, little big planet, and other games offer a few neat tricks for motion but you don’t see it being used on games like Killzone 3… it’s being used in games designed for motion gaming.   Is that a bad thing?  Lets see what games they’re making to utilize it…

Lots of commentary and our thoughts on Sony’s Motion Games as well as a few of their surprises.  Read (more…)