Playing the Pokemon X/Y Metagame

I have played almost every main-series Pokemon game but I have never delved into the deeply confusing metagame. Breeding and training perfect pokemon has always seemed to be an incredibly daunting task. You have to somehow keep track of hidden numbers and variables and try not to completely **** up your ‘mon in the process. You see people throw around terms like EV and IV and it doesn’t take long before you just say “Screw it” before you go level up whatever Pokemon looks cool, regardless of how bad its base stat supposedly is.

Fortunately they seemed to make the system a whole lot less frustrating this time around, which is great for simple people like me. When I found that out I decided to give it a try and see if I could breed something halfway decent. It was a very interesting process and I can’t imagine having to do it in past generations. Anyway, here’s what I did…


So the first thing I had to do was pick something to breed. I ended up landing on a Heracross because he looks like a happy badass and has an interesting Mega Evolution and new ability. The first thing I did was to catch one in the wild and drop it off in the Pokemon daycare with a Ditto, your all-purpose breeding Pokemon. My goal was to breed a Pokemon that had a very specific nature. Natures give a bonus to one stat and a penalty to another. There are also neutral natures that don’t do anything. I was specifically looking for a Jolly nature (+Speed/-Sp.Attack) but with 25 or something different natures it would take quite a while. Especially since you have to run around until an egg shows up and then run around even longer until it hatches. There are ways to speed up the process but it can still take forever. Eventually I gave up on the RNG and just found a bug pokemon in my bank that already had a Jolly nature and belonged in the same egg group as my Heracross. In order to pass down a nature you can have the parent hold an everstone. Makes the process so much simpler. (more…)


Gotta Free ‘Em All

Pokeballs are cruel!PETA is up to their usual stuff.  I won’t judge their beliefs or their message.  I want to talk about the hilarious game they made.   Pokemon Black and Blue mimics the real Pokemon games, but delivers 100% more humor.  Pikachu gets slathered in cosmetics, disciplined with a bat, all while taking out the evil trainers (some wearing coats made of pokemon fur) and exacting vengeance against his would-be captors.

When I play Pokemon it’s because I like the companionship my Pokemon provide. The thought never crossed my mind as a child, teen, and now man-child that by fighting Pokemon I was doing something wrong. For as long as I can remember my Pokemon have always told me they enjoy their life of battle, and being in a pokeball was a safe and comfortable place. My only Pokemon who didn’t like the pokeball was Pikachu, so he walked by my side.

I think the biggest message throughout all of the Pokemon games has been that we are all equals.  Ash loves his Pokemon and always tries his hardest to help them improve.  There are even some episodes where he rests a particular pokemon or bows out of a match because he cares more for them than the outcome of a battle.

Funny enough, this actually makes me want to go play a real Pokemon game now. In fact, now I’m seriously contemplating buying Pokemon Black 2 & White 2.

It’s clearly over-the-top, but it gave me a good laugh.  I definitely won’t look at a Bidoof the same way again.

You can play the game after the break.  Note: The sound will start automatically but can be disabled in the upper right.