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Magic the Gathering Goes the Hearthstone Route

Magic: the Gathering might finally be doing something right here: Release what looks to be a very similar model to Hearthstone.

Magic: The Gathering Arena is currently in closed beta under development by a new studio created specifically for the game: Magic Digital Studio.

Check out some gameplay:

I think it looks pretty good. Their goal is to create a game that mirrors closely the experience actually playing tabletop MTG.

I'm not a hardcore tabletop player anymore, but I did play from the time I was 10 through high school. My friends and I could organize tournaments at our school, play in classrooms during lunch hour, and host MTG slumber parties.

What got me out of MTG was actually video games. I simply enjoy my entertainment in this medium more. 

If MTG -- which I consider superior to Hearthstone in every way -- can pull off an engine and gameplay experience that matches the polish and presentation of Hearthstone, I'll happily play.

Talking point highlights:

  • F2P (think Hearthstone here)
  • Accurate to the Magic rule set
  • Every card in standard format
  • Card sets release alongside tabletop Magic
  • Around 1,000 new cards added each year
  • Ranked matches and casual constructed
  • PC only "to start"
  • Made for the future of MTG

Here's hoping they can pull it off!