Final Fantasy Frustrations

ffxiv gear grindThere’s a lot about FFXIV that I like but as time goes on I seem to discover more and more things that are turning me off of the experience. I figured I’d share some brief thoughts on some of the game elements that are starting to bother me.

Dragoons & Jobs In General

I love the Dragoon job in FF Tactics games and other FF related titles but Dragoons in FFXIV are really disappointing. They may get three jump attacks but they are all on rather large cooldowns. The main damage one, which doesn’t even do that much damage, is around 40 seconds while the stun is around 90 and the AoE is something like 300 seconds. It’s frustrating that you only get to feel like a Dragoon only some of the time and not even to great effect. The stunning jump just seems completely worthless, too. It has a longer cooldown, does less damage, and takes WAY too much time between activation and execution to actually interrupt anything. I was also really disappointed when I learned that there were no breath attacks at all.  I started a Black Mage and I’m having a bit more fun because I feel more like a traditional Black Mage than I ever did a Dragoon.

The job system in general is just really disappointing. Once you actually unlock a job it is little more than a title and quest-line. You are still essentially just your base class except you get a ‘special’ ability every 5 levels. It pretty much makes the addition of more jobs rather unexciting. Like if they added Time Mage or something to Thaum then you are pretty much entirely the same as a Black Mage except you swap out 5 quest-line abilities. I don’t find the idea of that to be appealing at all. They either need to completely re-haul their class system, which they wont, or come up with some kind of advanced job system. (more…)


FFXIV Primal Boss Fights

We’re approaching level 50 in FFXIV, and before we talk about end-game bosses and hard modes I thought I would briefly talk about some of the boss fights we’ve done so far.  These won’t be comprehensive guides, but you’ll get an idea of each fight’s mechanics.

ffxiv ifritIfrit

Ifrit is the Primal of Fire and Fury.  As you’d expect, there’s going to be some fire you want to try and avoid.  Throughout the fight he’ll use something called Eruption.  As far as I can tell, this is just something you have to heal through as it will likely take an average player to half health.  A decent healer can pop off a heal and be fine.  Ifrit will occasionally breath fire on the tank, so you’ll want to make sure only the tank is standing in front.

Around half health, Ifrit there will be a spear looking thing in the center of the room called “infernal nail”.  You will want to focus all DPS on this immediately and burn it down as fast as possible.  If it’s not killed quick enough, Ifrit will 1 shot the entire group.

After the infernal nail is down, the fight is pretty simple.  You’ll only have to avoid one more mechanic, and that’s the radiant plumes.  They will be smouldering looking circles on the floor.  Move out of them the second they appear and you’ll be just fine.

Overall, this fight is very simple, and it teaches players the basic mechanics while only requiring a tiny bit of a DPS check. (more…)



When Square announced they would be adding a dungeon finder to FFXIV it was only a matter of time before they added the item level mechanic.  Sure enough, it was…


The Beauty of FFXIV

Today has been a rather quiet Sunday for us in FFXIV.  We reached a point in our story questing where we could not progress until level 40.  That meant we had to do some Fates and other quests to get us nearly a full level.  I don’t mind Fates, personally.  I think they are a lot easier to zone out to than having to constantly go from one quest objective to the next.  Graev truly hates them, though.  We kind of butted heads on the subject, as Graev feels they are completely out of place in the world.  I see his point, but I see the sidequests as the same thing only more annoying.

We’re moving along nicely.  I think we’ll probably be 50 in a week or so, and then we’ll begin either leveling alts or thinking about some end-game activities.  I know our guild is busy doing all sorts of fun things like leveling crafters, running high-level Fates, and just enjoying the game for what is has to offer.  FFXIV is a themepark, but the atmosphere and presentation are so dang good.

Anyway, I thought a nice way to end tonight’s little post would be to show off some of my favorite looking locations in the world of Eorzea thus far.   Enjoy! (more…)