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Diablo 3 stuck at “Updating Setup Files” Fix

Graev was unable to play Diablo 3 during the beta due to a problem with the launcher giving an error. After pre-ordering tonight and downloading the client to be ready for Tuesday, we ran into the same problem and thought all hope was lost.  Graev has Windows Vista and could not get past the “Updating Setup Files” little window that came up.  We scoured the support forums for days, Googled, and had no luck until tonight.

Here is the fix that finally worked for Graev:

Fix #1

Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services

Scroll down and find “Secondary Logon”

Right Click > Properties

Change it from ‘Disabled’ to ‘Automatic’

Run your Diablo 3 setup as administrator and it should quickly go through Updating Setup Files and bring you to an install screen.  Congratulations, your game now (hopefully) works!   If this solved your issue, spread it around.

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The Road to Diablo 3

[Update] We’re done streaming for the night, but we’ll pick up again and play tomorrow right where we left off. We’re almost done with Act 1!  It feels weird going back and playing a game with a max resolution of 1024×768.  I don’t remember Diablo 2 being that old, and I don’t remember it feeling as old as it does.  After playing D3, it’s hard to not look forward to a much more modern and polished experience.

Even after a few hours of D2, compared to a few hours of D3, they’re not so different.  I think D3 continues the legacy quite well.

We’ve decided to begin our journey down the Road to Diablo 3 by replaying all of Diablo 2 and the expansion pack Lord of Destruction. It’s shocking how many people still play.  I checked Battle.net this morning and 30,000 people were logged in playing games.  Blizzard also appears to have added some sort of respec system.

We’re going to play co-op together and stream it for your enjoyment as we kick off our ‘Co-op Summer’!  We plan to play through several newer, and some older, games co-op to relive the awesome experience of playing great games.


Diablo 3 Open Beta

Diablo 3 open beta began this weekend.  I wish I could say it went off without a hitch, but it took five hours before I was able to best the cap Blizzard placed on the number of players.  Graev had it worse than me because he can’t even get the installer to function properly.  When he double-clicks the install file a window comes up saying something about updating files, then it goes away and nothing happens.  We’ve tried everything from re-downloading, checking windows updates, running as admin, adjusting network settings, to deleting files, and nothing works for him.

What little I got to play today was enjoyable.  I think I’m going to like the skill system, despite not being a skill tree.  I would definitely prefer customization over being handed my skills when I level up, but something about the simplicity of it all empowers me to go kill monsters and have fun instead of fretting over every point I spend; There’s a give and take.

I love the art style and the direction the game took in terms of overall presentation.  I was getting some minor hitching, though, and hope it was simply the beta.  Being able to chat in-game like I would in a MMO to any of my friends online is fantastic.  The chat functionality is way better than D2.

I played around as a Monk and liked the feel of the class.  I’m a little perplexed by the ability system and how it plays into weapon use.  My monk used a sword and a shield but when I actually attacked something he would put them away and use his fists for abilities.  Since every attack I make is an ability, I never use my weapon.  I’m told weapons increase ability damage and attack speed, but using a sword/shield on my monk was bizarre.  Am I missing something?

As soon as I heard the Tristram music I knew I was going to pre-order.  I can’t wait to see the places my character will go and the story Blizzard will tell.  Give it a try!  It’s open to everyone, if you can get past the log in screen.


Diablo, Bhaal, and Fus MMO Da all in one day

Just one of those days that I can’t get away without doing a conglomoblog post.

Diablo 3 releases May 15

This makes me wonder just how much of of the delaying can be blamed on the PvP they recently postponed.  Now that the game has a release date, I think I should start looking at what character I will play as first.  I know I’ll be doing a lot of playing in a ‘regular’ mode before going to hardcore.  I’ve also been looking at the skill trees, or lack thereof.  I didn’t realize they removed skill trees from D3 like back in 2009.  D3 now uses a very streamlined “you level up, you get 3 new skills” system.  Hopefully the ‘runes’ that can be slotted into skills will be enough customization.  This is one of those “wait and see” how it plays out situations for me.

Elder Scrolls Online?

We’ve talked a lot about an Elder Scrolls MMO’s being an awesome idea… if they do it right. I guess we’re going to see if they can.  It’s no secret that an MMO might be happening, but some sort of official announcement, according to rumors, will come in May. Make this a sandbox title true to the franchise and you’ll make some very happy fans.  Mess it up, and this could be the end for Elder Scrolls.  I really can’t even begin to speculate how they’ll pull it off because, in reality, the idea of an Elder Scrolls MMO actually happening has always been more of a “it’s cool because it’ll never happen” concept.

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition

I don’t know whether to be mad or excited.  Graev and I just bought the original BG1 and BG2 from GoG.com and now an enhanced edition is coming out with more content and ‘enhancements’.  Right now we know a whole lotta nothing about the game other than its release date: Summer 2012.  The debate has already begun as to whether or not we continue with the originals or play the enhanced edition when it comes out.  I guess it depends on if there is multiplayer?

Information overload.


Diablo 3 releasing without PvP Arenas, oh noes

I’ve been asked to comment on the news that Diablo 3 will not have PvP Arenas at launch.

I don’t know whether to be glad that Blizzard was wise enough to hold back something they knew wasn’t up to their level of quality  or sad that they’re going to release the game before it is 100% complete.  The only reason this is news at all is because of Blizzard’s long-standing tradition of only releasing a game when it is ready.  I remember waiting for every Blizzard game since WarCraft 2.  One memory in particular is from back in middle school.  My friend and I were in PE running walking the track talking about when Diablo 2 was going to come out.  I vividly remember our discussion, even back then, how much we both hated the time it took Blizzard to release a game after announcing it, but we always knew it was for a reason.

Understandably, many people are very upset.  This sounded like a cool system, and it will be fun I’m sure when it is patched in.  However, how many of the people freaking out actually played Diablo 2?  The video game industry has grown so much since 2000.  If this were a MMO, I’d venture less than 1%.  Diablo 2 didn’t have arena pvp.  Players had to enable pvp and then agree to fight.  This resulted in just a handful of player created rooms, capping at like 8 people,  basically fight clubbing it in the first town.   PvP was pointless.

The point I’m making is Diablo 3 can be entirely without any form of PvP and it will not change the Diablo experience familiar to the fans.  Diablo is about dungeon crawling hack n slash loot finding mayhem.  It’s about the story, coop runs with friends, and magic finding.  Diablo isn’t about arenas.

That said, both Graev and I are very sad since this would have been fun to do right away.  We’re also sad to see the change in policy at Blizzard.

Graev has been whispering to himself in the corner these past few days: “First they came for our custom maps, and I said nothing.”  I better go check on him.



Battle.net Balance and Diablo 3 will earn me money

Need more gold! "Zug, Zug."

I’m oddly fascinated by the Battle.net Balance program.  First, here’s a quick official statement describing the Battle.net Balance system:

Battle.net Balance is a new Battle.net feature that will allow players to store value in their Battle.net account, which can be used to buy Blizzard Entertainment products such as World of Warcraft game time, paid services, digital versions of games, and in-game pets and mounts.

With the upcoming launch of Diablo III, players in certain regions will also be able to use their Battle.net Balance to acquire items from the game’s currency-based auction house. Diablo III players will also have the option to store earnings from items they sell on the auction house in their Battle.net Balance, to be used on future auction house purchases or to buy Blizzard products.

Players will be able to add value to their Balance by paying with their own money, but what I’m interested in is how this program can work for me.  I’m going to buy Diablo 3.  I’m going to play Diablo 3 and I am inevitably going to find rare items as I have in all past installments of the franchise.  Instead of trading these items for other items, or hording them all for myself, I’m going to put them up on Diablo 3’s auction house.  Players will buy my items with their Battle.net Balance and I will have increased the value of my Balance.

I will then use that Balance to buy Blizzard products — products I would have bought anyway with my own real money.  So, in a way, other players will be buying future Blizzard games or any Blizzard products for me.  Who knows?  A few lucky drops might buy me the next StarCraft expansion or I may even turn around and buy a rare item that I want.

The only people losing on this deal are those who buy into the Battle.net Balance system with their real money.  I have no plans to dissuade those people.  Actually, forget you even read this post.


Blizzcon 2011: Monks, DOTA, and Weakened Resolve

It’s Blizzcon time again.  Time to be reminded of my weak resolve, get hyped, and agonize over a wait that will surely feel infinite.

Mists of Pandaria was confirmed, as if it wasn’t already.  I am done with WoW.  I swear, I am.  Really.  I mean it.  Yet… Panda… Monk…want… No, I’m done.  Maybe it was the music in the trailer or the open-fist fighting styles of those pleasantly plump kungfu pandas that sucked me in and took captive my mind.  I am a slave to my own desires for polish.  It looks great.  A zone on the back of a turtle for crying out loud!

Maybe the coolest part of the opening ceremony was watching the Diablo III and Heart of the Swearm trailers.  I feel like we can piece them all together and make a real movie.  I have this fear that Diablo 3 is never going to release because the day it does the world might stand still.

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Diablo 3 RMT

Behold, the future of Blizzard games!

You’re living under a rock if you haven’t seen the news about Blizzard creating a player to player real money auction house for Diablo 3.  Players will be able to place items that they find in-game up onto the auction house and allow other players to bid on and buy those items with real money.  The massive wave of negativity in response to this idea should be absolutely no surprise to anyone.  Honestly, the idea itself isn’t a surprise to me.   Blizzard is still working on their custom map shop for StarCraft 2.  Diablo’s very nature does, as Rob Pardo said, lend itself easily to the idea.  There’s a reason why websites exist to auction Diablo items already.  Yes, ebay style websites do exist for Diablo 2 and they are very, very popular.  Blizzard wants a cut of what is already out there.  Why not?   It’s a business to act as the middle-ma, and a lucrative one at that.  Blizzard will take a cut from the buyer -and- seller.

Personally, I don’t like the idea.  Can I put my finger on why?  Hmmm… it just doesn’t feel right to me.  Does it change the way I play Diablo at all?  No, not really.  I’ll still play for the fun of completing the story, killing monsters, finding items, and seeing how strong I can become before I get bored with the game.  Nothing about letting some guy that I will likely never, ever, play with (like I would know if I did) buy his halberd for $4 really impacts me.  Reasons being, 1) it happened already for years,  2) someone found it and traded it for rl money instead of an exchange in-game, and 3) it does not change how Diablo is played.

Diablo is designed such that it won’t be hurt by this system.  Anyone able to use an item they buy could have found that item anyway.  Any item they do find, doesn’t change how individuals enjoy the game.  Don’t like the 3 people you’re playing with?  Leave and join a new game.  Diablo 3 will have a competitive PvP arena type system to facilitate PvP easier than making small rooms to play in.  This impacts that significantly, but honestly if you’re going into the competitive PvP you better have the best stuff anyway, found or not.

A persistent game or one where other players interacted with me on an unavoidable level, with this kind of RMT, would be cause for concern.  If they bring this to WoW, for example, the entire thing unravels and suddenly innocent bystanders are harmed.  There’s just not much at stake in Diablo 3, though.  There’s really no economy to care about.  It’s not Blizzard opening a store.  It’s players trading amongst each other.  Bottom line, if someone wants to pay $4 to another player for the axe that’s their prerogative.  Just don’t tell me.

If I’m lucky, I’ll find a rare and sell it for enough that the game actually pays for itself.  I would consider that “beating the game”.


Blizzard’s next five years

The alleged leak

Something rather topical and worth posting about today is the supposed leaked internal slide showing Blizzard’s plans for the next five years.  Is it real or fake?  I think it’s fake simply because of how it looks.  Maybe it’s just me, but I think the title is the dead giveaway.  Something about it doesn’t quite fit with what I would expect their “product slate” to look like and the title, especially the company name, would be different.  I’m also not feeling the whole “here’s our products guys” vibe — even internally, who would have access and leak this and why would it be presented in such a way?

If we assume it’s real, that means WoW will get two more expansion packs… I thought I read that there wouldn’t be more?  Maybe I’m imagining things.  I felt weirded out by seeing that Diablo 3 had planned expansion packs when the game is so far from release anyway.  I’m also reminded of StarCraft 2’s expansions and a little something I forgot all about: The Map market (and what’s this 3rd party thing?).

Most interesting of all is the alleged MMOFPS titled (codenamed?) Titan.  It was my guess all along that Blizzard would take their ability to conquer entire video game genres and not only take over MMOFPS for the rest of all time but actually make the first truly successful one that would launch a plethora of off-shoots and copy cats.  Planetside can be heralded as the first with moderate success and definitely deserves the accolades, but it will be forgotten entirely if Blizzard pulls off a hit — and they will.  If it’s merely a codename then it’s not worth thinking about, but if it is a real title for the game then I’m thinking something Halo-esque or maybe even Gears of War’ish.  I’ll go ahead and lock in with that setting.

Even if this is all legit, the dates don’t matter.  Add three years to just about everything and you’ll be close to the real date.  It is, after all, Blizzard.  This entire thing is one big oxymoron.


Geek is… having Blizzcon regardless

The opening ceremony of Blizzcon was a little odd.  Chris Metzen spent most of the time talking about this year’s motif: ‘There’s a hero in all of us’ by posting pictures of geeky stuff (following the audience shouting “Geek is…” before each picture came up) and relating it to imagination and nostalgia.  I didn’t understand why they were wasting so much time displaying pictures of Star Wars and Thundercats until Metzen interviewed with the commentators after and said that this year they actually discussed not having a Blizzcon because they had nothing “super” to announce (other than the Demon Hunter).  Metzen actually paid respects to EverQuest during the presentation crediting it as starting it all and then got emotional talking about Star Wars… so you know they had absolutely nothing to talk about at this point.

Diablo 3 PvP Arenas are the only announcement worth discussion so far.  As you would expect, it looked just like WoW’s arenas.  The thought of arenas makes me ill, but it works in theory with Diablo.  PvP rooms were created all the time in previous Diablos.  People would join them and just fight outside the first town’s borders.  People would jump out and kill each other and it was the best we could do with the tools we were given.  Essentially this pits people against each other in an atmosphere conducive to actual competitive PvP.  While some will criticize arenas in Diablo, you would be ignorant not to recognize that this is just the natural direction it was always going.

I’m still hoping for -some- sort of “super” announcement, but I think they’re going to hold back and make 2011 a Blizzcon to crush all their competition.