Mark Jacobs – WAR Beta Q/A

Mark Jacobs, aka the horse, posted a Q/A on the WAR Herald yesterday (or today?) and “clarified” a lot of beta related questions for the community.


It’s been, ahem, a rather interesting couple of months here in Mythic-land hasn’t it? Fortunately, I’m not here to announce anything nearly as interesting as our recent news. I’m here to talk about good things, some changes and as always to give the community the facts straight from the horse’s (wait for it, wait for it) head.

First, we are finishing up the initial stage of our first major RvR testing and it has gone really well. Our server is almost full nightly and the beta testers are having a great time. The kudos are flying fast and furious and while nothing is perfect, it is safe to say that this stage is exceeding our expectations.

Second, over the last few months there have been a few questions and concerns about our beta program in regards to system requirements, eligibility requirements, admittance dates, general policies and procedures for our Beta Test in North America. While we have tried to be really clear I want to take this opportunity to be even clearer.

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