ArcheAge VERY Early Impressions

Trion was gracious enough to grant me access to the alpha test phase of ArcheAge. I’ve had access for two days now and put in somewhere around 5 hours of play.  I’m still -very- early in the game and haven’t even gained access to most of the features I’d like to try the most (ships, housing).

I want to start sharing my impressions, though, because there’s going to be a lot to say about ArcheAge.  Let’s discuss the first few hours of play.

Visuals, Presentation, et al.

ArcheAge is quite beautiful.  You can glean that from watching most videos.  The engine runs well on my computer at maxed out settings with only the slightest hint of slowdown around what I think could be a shadow issue.  From a complete technical novice like myself, the game ‘feels’ well put together and as the end-user I have no technical complaints yet.

Some of the game is still in a language I do not understand — Korean?  Other than language, ArcheAge feels Eastern to me.  Character models all look feminine and ‘pretty’.  Back to how the game ‘feels’, I can ‘feel’ the Eastern influence in the controls and the gameplay.  Playing MMOs for almost 20 years gives one that sense to pick up on these things.  Keep in mind that’s not yet a negative thing by itself. (more…)


The Future of Trion

Scott Hartsman, former Creative Director, has returned to Trion as CEO after taking a brief period to... well, I'm not sure what he was doing. Now that he's back, maybe…


Archeage continues to look awesome despite being a mystery

I’m keeping tabs on a game called ArcheAge.  From what I can tell, this sandbox MMO is being developed for the North American audience by a Korean company… or Russian… heck, I don’t know.  However, they currently do not have a North American publisher.  Despite a lack of any real information about the game’s future, plenty of neat screenshots and videos come my way.  Over at our forum community we have a board dedicated to upcoming games.  In our Archeage thread you’ll find plenty of goodies to go through.

In the past I have written that this game looks too good to be true.  Honestly, my opinion hasn’t changed.  How can one game accomplish such dynamism and complete player ownership of the world like they’re telling and even showing.  I’m waiting for the catch to be revealed or the big revelation that it’s all one massive joke.  Technically, until this game releases somewhere it may as well be one cruel tease.

One of the videos I really like shows boat combat between players.


Read more for screenshots. (more…)