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A short video game podcast full of gaming commentary.

QuickCast #12 – Discussing Fortnite

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This week's second episode is up!

We're pretty hyped about Fortnite... and a little critical of a few business model decisions they've made. You can read more about those decisions in our preview of Fortnite.​

What do you think about their business model decisions to make a F2P game have release with early access founders packs, physical retail copies, and a headstart? We'd love to hear what you think.

QuickCast #11 – Catching Up On 3 Weeks

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We have a lot of catching up to do!

We were MIA for 3 weeks due to some scheduling conflicts, but we're back with two back-to-back episodes of the QuickCast.

This episode is a catch-upisode discussing the games we're playing.

Graev's plate is loaded full of games from the Steam Summer Sale, Humble Bundles, and new releases.

Keen is keeping things a little more simple with EverQuest TLP and Final Fantasy XIV.

What games have you been playing?​

Quickcast Episode 10: MMO Gear

​This week we're tackling the topic of MMO gear.

​Which do you prefer? BoE? BoP?​ We compare our thoughts on whether or not gear should be individualized vs part of the econony/twinking.

​We also talk about meaningful gear drops. In EverQuest gear would drop that can last from level 20 to 50 and still be great to wear, vs gear dropping in WoW that you'll wear for maybe 30 minutes.

​We also talk about gear defining a character vs. progression/skill.

​After you listen to the episode, we would love to hear your thoughts on MMO gear.

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Quickcast Episode 8: Camping, Pulling, Group & Stuff

Remember camping and pulling? Maybe you do, maybe you don't. It's a concept back from the days when you didn't run around all over the place from one yellow exclamation point to the next.

Playing EverQuest lately, both Graev and I have had a ton of camping, pulling, and everything that comes with it.

In this episode we recap some of the feelings, concepts, and ideas of pulling and grouping. We talk about the ​experiences we've had in EverQuest so far and how those types of experience differ from other MMOs.

After listening to this week's podcast, we'd love to hear your thoughts on whether or not you prefer the 'find a spot and camp it with pulls' or the 'run around questing' model more. Leave a comment and let us know.​

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