You know you’ve made it when…

Your site is overrun by the gold sales industry! Yep that’s right tonight was spammed with gold ads for “cheap golds!”. While we felt a tad violated it’s nice to see we are somehow in someway attracting someone’s attention…sorta. Lately our blog has also been swamped with gold sale ads and I’ve been doing my best to filter them out as I see them. Occasionally a few will slip by but they won’t go more than a day before being blocked. Real Money Trades (RMT) is something I really don’t condone. I will never understand the mentality of someone who will purchase in-game coin with real money – it boggles my mind. What also troubles me are the people who “don’t care” about what the buyers and the sellers are doing to our virtual economies. I don’t try to understand it.


Day two in Blizzard’s cryptic web stunt

This is day two in the website stunt my Blizzard Entertainment. Yesterday I spoke a little about my predictions on this stunt leading up to their May 19th World of StarCraft announcement and so far things are looking to play out exactly that way. They have their timeline set up to display the “?” exactly on May 19th which is the day of their World Wide Invitation in Seoul, South Korea.

Rumor has it that, regardless of the coming announcement, Blizzard is already working on StarCraft 2 which is being done in full 3D with a new race and total revamp to most units. Right now everyone is trying to decide if the rumor will come full circle and be the official new Blizzard game announced on this coming Saturday. I’m finding myself already anxious to see what they will announce because at one time Blizzard Entertainment made great games. In fact they made the best games.

This time line is actually really special to me. The games you see above were THE games that hooked me into PC gaming. Of course I played games before these and I was always a computer nerd but to be completely honest I never considered myself hooked until 1995 when I picked up Warcraft: Orcs and Humans and Warcraft: Tides of Darkness. These two games were the very first real-time strategy games that I had ever played. The concept of building an army by gathering resources and creating structures was more than magical to me. We only had one computer in the house back then and Graev and I would often fight over who would play through the next mission as we conquered the Orcish Hordes on our way to victory. This was the golden age of gaming folks. We mispronounced every name in game – Mage was “mag” and paladin was “pal-adin”. We laughed our butts off when the orc peons would ask you to “stop touching me” after you clicked on them a dozen or so times.

Then came Diablo. Our first real adventure RPG where you visited a town in birds-eye 3d. We were consumed with our quest to slay The Butcher and make our way through the catacombs. I am somewhat ashamed to say this but I admit that we even duped gold and potions in single player because we were so fixated with achieving our glorious destiny. It’s actually really cool that my favorite quote from Diablo is the one they are using on the index page right now. Every day I would run home from school so that Graev and I could maybe get a level up before dinner was ready. I owe a lot to Diablo. When the game first came out my family had just moved back to California from Massachusetts. I had no friends in a brand new school and I stuck out like a sore thumb. It wasn’t until I found the group of kids sitting together talking about their Sorceress’ Fireballs obliterating a dozen skeletons that I realized I had found true comrades – ones that have remained friends with me to even this day.

Know this, my friend – The evil that you move against is The Dark Lord of Terror.

-Deckard Cain

As Blizzard continues to update their time line I look forward to sharing what made their games so special to me.

Paper and Spiders and Guitars, oh my!

I’ve been very busy lately bouncing between three games.  Super Paper Mario, Spider-Man 3, and Guitar Hero 2.

Super Paper Mario

Not much needs to be said about this game.  It’s great, really.  They took the series in an interesting direction this time.  Making more of a side scrolling platformer with small RPG elements.  It’s good in it’s own rights, but I can’t help but miss the play style from Paper Mario and Paper Mario: TYD.

Spider-Man 3

I said earlier that I’d give my impressions of this game.  You’ll hear a lot of bad things about this game, but I don’t agree with most of it.  It seems that you will either love or hate this game.  I love it, just to let you know.  One problem that I see is people always play the “Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken” card, yet you have the same people also complaining that this game is too much like it’s predecessor and doesn’t do anything new.  What do you want?  Things to stay the same or to change?  Make up your mind, people.

Guitar Hero II

Well I got into the whole guitar hero scene a little late, but I really enjoy it.  I may be pretty bad at the game but that doesn’t stop me from having a good time.  Hopefully in the coming weeks I’ll get better and be able to move up a difficulty.  It’s a shame you can’t find extra guitars easily available in stores, though.  I guess the game is just really popular.

Blizzard Entertainment proudly presents…

That’s what I’m waiting to hear soon.  If you have not already been there check out to see their latest cryptic advertising venture.  Rumor has it that Blizzard will reveal “World of StarCraft” at their gig in Korea this coming week.  This website stunt may correspond with their soon-to-be announcement.  I haven’t blogged much about my thoughts on a StarCraft MMO because honestly I have really big reservations about the possibilities.  World of Warcraft destroyed the Warcraft lore and thus nearly ruined the entire series for me.  However I still hold a special place in my heart for the Warcraft RTS games and will always buy and play any they release in the future.  Heck maybe they’re releasing Warcraft 4? I hope…

If they are indeed going to do a World of StarCraft I hope someone at Blizzard has the gumption to stand up and make the game the way it should be done.  If we do see an announcement I will certainly have something to write about.

*shakes head in disgust* I swore I was never going back to Gamestop… Guitar Hero 2 “rocks!”

But of course I did. If you recall, a few days ago I posted about my horrific trip to Gamestop. I swore I was never going back ever and what’s the first thing I did when I couldn’t find what I needed? Anyway I’ll get to the Gamestop thing in a minute.

Today Graev and I finally decided to bite the bullet and get Guitar Hero 2 for Xbox360. We had been thinking about it for a long time and the game just seemed too popular and too cool to pass up. With our luck, as usual, everywhere was sold out except the Circuit City 15 minutes away. How this place is still standing I have no idea – it’s been around since I was like 5 years old. We get there and we see Guitar Hero 2 on the shelves for $90 and I wince. That’s a lot coin for a game where you play a guitar isn’t it? Good thing for us Graev has that $1,000 from MTV. So we pick the game up in its huge box and lug it over to the counter. Well crap it’s two player capable and it requires a second guitar?! “Where do I get one of those?” I asked the employee. “We’re out and can’t keep them on the shelves” he replied. [Expletive!!]

So back to the Gamestop thing. “I won’t” I told Graev. “You can’t make me and I swore I wouldn’t ever return”. So five minutes later I find myself walking into the store and I see two little kids playing Guitar Hero 2 and I shake my fist. Walking to the counter I see some lady putting games behind the glass… “oh how I loathe thee” I thought to myself.

Keen: “Do you have any Guitar Hero 2 guitars for Xbox 360? The guitars themselves and not the game.”
Employee: “Those aren’t out yet.”
Keen: “I think you’re mistaken, the Circuit City down the street had them but is out of stock right now.”
Employee: “No, the street date is marked for next month”
Keen: “YOU’RE WRONG YOU FILTHY DISGUSTING LIAR!!” Okay I didn’t say that. “Well they ARE out. Circuit City is sold out and Best Buy is sold out so they did at some point in time have them. You guys just don’t have any.”
Employee: “I don’t see how that can be. They don’t come out until next month.”
Keen: “Ya okay, sure.”

I proceed to walk out of Gamestop. What a waste of time. And lady from the Gamestop you know who you are and you can eat your lies!!

So anyway I called Best Buy and they’re getting another shipment in on Wednesday. Guitar Hero 2 rocks although I completely suck at it. Graev’s really getting good but the songs are beginning to wear thin on my nerves… If I have to listen to Cherry Pie one more time I’m going to really have to get me some pie. mmm pie… afk.

Click more to see videos of Guitar Hero 2 for Xbox 360 and go Here to buy Guitar Hero 2! Continue reading