I resigned from the Vanguard Vault

Well I did it again.  I skipped a day in my blogging.  I blame Stargrace though because the poisons she made have me killing so quickly that I can’t help but gain more experience with Delbert – but I’ll get to that later.

Today I resigned from the Vanguard Vault staff. 🙁  This decision was a tough one because being on the Vanguard Vault Staff was a great experience for me.  I started off by being just a regular newsie and I felt like I was able to do my job with no problem.  Then the game began to slow down and the news posts for Vanguard became slower and slower until eventually there wasn’t much to post about.  My job was changed over to the message board highlights and I enjoyed that position.  I could browse the message boards like I normally do and make a weekly report on the topics of interest.  However the forums slowed down and the “topics of interest” were almost non existent.  But none of these reasons are the reason I quit.  Simply put I don’t play the game anymore.  I don’t have the desire to play ever again and I feel that without playing the game and having the passion to continue playing there’s no way I could possibly continue to do a job that was becoming depressing.

I have nothing but great things to say about the Vanguard Staff.  They are all fantastic people and should really be commended on a job well done.  If you aren’t familiar with how the Vault Network runs it’s done simply by volunteers.  Very few people are payed over there and the ones that are have very little to do with the success of the sites.  The daily efforts of the Volunteers make or break the Vault.

There’s good news in this though!  I’m still active on the LOTRO Vault Staff (which is pushing forward full speed) and I am still very much enjoying my Moderator position with the Vault Network.  For those of you who read my blog and frequent the Vanguard board, know that I am still active in the message board community and plan to keep it that way.  Vanguard is a great game that deserves a strong community.

Who knows?  Maybe some day SOE will fix the game up enough that people will return like they have to EQ2.


TS and Nek Forest

As promised I have a a little update in Delbert’s Adventure Log.  I didn’t spend too many hours online today (spent like 5 hours playing DOTA) but the few hours I did play were spent running aimlessly around doing quests in Nektulos Forest and Thundering Steppes.  Let’s start with Nektulos first because I have a bone to pick with this zone.  Back when I played 2 years ago the zone was aweful.  It was one big 15 minute run from top to bottom and the quests were spread out and ugh..I can’t go on.  But luckily they made one big improvement by adding griffon towers!  Now you can take a flight from the docks up to N’mars Ascent and that makes me want to cry.  I spent HOURS on my old characters running around.  Anyway.  I’m slowly, and I mean slowwwwly, working my way through the quest lines and hopefully will get them finished before they turn green.

Now for Thundering Steppes.  Huge zone with lots of quests all layed out in a nice progressive format.  It doesn’t have the switchbacks that Nektulos has but it has griffon towers in convenient locations as well as useful dungeons and quests.  I spent about 45 minutes running around gathering quests and formulating my plan of attack.  Right now I have about a dozen quests to kill bears, snakes, birds, crabs, skeletons, and lord knows what else.

Tomorrow I plan to hit level 28 and finish up as many quests as I can so that I can spend those AA points!  Now it’s off to bed for me.

Delbert goes to Crushbone! June 4th’s Adventure Log

Well I must apologize for my aweful posting pattern over the weekend.  It seems I’ve fallen into the habit of posting once every other day and that’s not my style!  I really love to post multiple times a day or at least once.  So I will do my best to meet my standards by starting today off with an Adventure Log to catch you all up on what Delbert has been doing!CB!

In my last Adventure Log you read about my adventures in Fallen Gate.  I thought that would be the highlight of the week but I was most definitely wrong!  I started off by logging in and doing my usual broadcast that I’m LFG to do whatever.  Usually this turns up nothing and I just move along and solo quests at my own leisure.  But today I found that the group I went with to Fallen Gate had some members forming for Stormhold and they wanted my Brigand skills!  I was glad that I had done well enough to be asked back another day.  Stormhold, as most of you know if you’re reading this, is a little dungeon in the eastern mountains of Antonica.  Once you enter you basically get the idea that this place will be full of undead and undead-ish creatures.  I spent about 3 hours there and gained nearly two levels completing various quests and going as deep as you can go in the place.  One thing that somewhat bugged me though is that some people don’t realize that there’s players like me who may be good at my class and appear to be a veteran but… in reality have no clue where to go.  So a lot of the time I felt like I was getting lost as they would sprint through the halls of the dungeon looking for named mobs.  Eventually I just autofollowed someone as to not get lost.  But that aside I had a great time and made some great experience.

CB2Now the highlight of this Adventure Log is Crushbone.  Located in Faydwer, duh!, the Crushbone Clan Keep is nostalgic for anyone who played EQ1.  Like most things in EQ2 it’s layed out nothing like the original was but yet keeps a few “details” that will still make you go “oh hey there’s that thingy over there!”.  In a previous log I mentioned how Delbert went to Faydwer and completed many of the chain quests leading to the Keep.  That really payed off because I was the only one who had about 4-5 quests to complete in the place and that yielded a lot of exp.  The best part of the Keep though had to be the eye candy.  The place is so well done!  What a difference between dungeons that have been around for years and ones that are newer.  I can’t wait to see what some of the higher levels dungeons like Unrest look like!  In addition to the awe factor and exp I was able to loot a Legendary Dagger (nothing special, but a major upgrade) from the Crushbone Prophet.  This will most likely last until level 30 at which point it’s my goal to buy mastercrafted weapons.

Well that’s all for now!  I will most likely make another post tonight to make up for my lack of posting lately.  Until then!

*Delbert sneaks into the shadows…*


Delbert visits Fallen Gate – EQ2 Adventure Log June 3, 2007

Well this has been a very reward couple of days!  First let me catch you all up on my latest adventures in Greater Faydark.  I spent the better half of the entire day yesterday soloing near Crushbone and working on the Dwarven Ringmail tunic quest.  Let me tell you it’s surprisingly easy and very straight forward if you cheat and use a guide from EQ2i.com *innocently looks around*.  I was very sneaky-like and made my way around the Crushbone Clan area assassinating the expedition leaders (that are heroics!) all by myself and then running off the rest of the encounters.  I was surprised how much damage I could actually do to greens and the rate at which my experience bar would move.  In addition to my ability to stealth around and avoid any unwanted aggro I was able to track these named mobs with ease.  Can it get much better?  And to add even more delight to my day I was able to sneak around the last part of the quest inside the Crushbone Keep and click the chests without even being seen.  How cool is that?  I love Brigands!FG2

Now in more recent adventures I have found myself in Fallen Gate!  I received my first ever group invite for a full group inside a dungeon since returning to the game!  I was really nervous because 1) I hadn’t been to Fallen Gate in years and 2) It was the first time I was grouping and I didn’t know what would be expected of me.  I was also worried that my gear would be ridiculously underpar compared to these players who might have been gearing up with twinking cash.  But once again surprise surprise I wasn’t all that under-geared and I did really well in the group.  We started off quick right out the gate and were slaughtering Thexian’s.  These mobs were blue and even con to me so I was cranking the DPS.  Our tank, Adecai from Mistwalkers, was amazing.  He really knows his class and his gear was great.  What shocked me more than the group invite was the experience gain!  Every kill the adventure exp bar would jump and after a big fight I had half a yellow bar.  We found several named mobs throughout our hunt down there and I walked away with a Legendary Rapier upgrade and a Master 1 book to sell.  In all it was the best time I’ve had in EQ2 so far.

FG1This morning I returned to Fallen Gate with a pickup group and finished the rest of another level there.  I’m disappointed in the pickup group I had though because for the first time in a very long time I had to listen to these people bicker and complain and argue.  Eventually the group moved forward and I walked away with a nice boost into my next level.  Hopefully my pickup groups in the future will be more civilized!

Well that’s it for now.  I’m level 23 with a nice rapier and currently trying to decide where to put these blasted AA’s.  I have 16 of them now, with one spent in pickpocket(fun little skill that’s earning me some money.), and I can’t figure out if I want to go Str/Agil or Str/Wis.  Both are good for grouping and soloing with agility coming out just slightly ahead of Wisdom until I can get really nice gear.  Any Brigands out there have some advice?  Should I just go for Wisdom now or should I take Agility and respec later when I get the gear?

More to come as Delbert levels!


Delbert goes to Faydwer!

Well today was a productive one and it’s not over yet. I decided to take a break for dinner and that’s why I’m writing this entry right now – lucky you! Last night I took Delbert to the Wailing Caves and finished up a couple green quests which asked me to slay the undead orcs and spiders and bats and such. These quests were really rewarding in that they gave a lot of experience for the kills. I walked away with about half a level in 30 minutes and finished up my level this morning when I logged back in. After finishing up some Wc I decided I could use a bit more time in Darklight Woods finishing up the higher end quests for the gear and experience. Lucky me when I was making my way there I received a tell from one of my readers, Anakh. I spent a few hours finishing up my quests with Ankh’s Iksar Shadowknight Alt and still can’t thank him enough.

After that I found myself once again alone in the world of Norrath in search for my next questing location. Asking around for advice like I usually do I found out that I might make a bit of experience finishing up the latter portion of the Great Faydark quests. Now the only experience I have with Faydwer comes from my years of playing Everquest 1 – So my experience means nothing because the zones are laid out entirely different. To get to the continent of Faydwer I had to pass through Nektulos Forest which is apparently not a bad place to quest in the low 20’s and then hop a boat to the butcherblock mountains. Holy rusted metal batman…Butcherblock mountains have changed! This isn’t the cute little green land of the dwarves with a quiet little chessboard and druid circle, no sir. The BB Mountains are now a land of orcs, elementals, and all sorts of evilness that decided to crush my poor little Ratonga into pieces as I made my way to Gfay.Delbert goes to Faydwer

Arriving in Gfay, finally, I made my way to the southern portion and did a recommended quest line… yay gray and green quests. 🙁 Now that I’ve reached the Crushbone portion of these quests they’re starting to turn blue but I have a bad feeling I will be done here soon, thus starting the search for quests all over again. So I ask you all – where does a level 19 Evil Ratonga Brigand quest? Gfay is done, Darklight Wood is done, and Commonlands grayed out except for group quests.

Do I need to advertise that I’m looking for a group to do these group areas? Fallen Gate, Crushbone, and if I feel like traveling to Atonica Blackburrow? Any advice you can offer me is greatly appreciated!