LOTRO IP Blocking Removed!

Straight from the devs: Hello everyone, Throughout the Alpha and Beta phases of development, we have worked hard to satisfy the enthusiastic community that has risen up in support of LOTRO. We listened to and incorporated your ideas many times throughout development and our game is now stronger for it. As we prepare for launch […]

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New feature at the Vanguard Vault: Forum Highlights

Each week I will be covering the Vanguard Vault’s Weekly Forum Highlight. Similar to my responsibilities to the LOTRO Vault’s Digest I will be browsing the VGVault forums for humor, guides, insight, suggestions, and anything that might be worth sharing with the community. Here’s a look at this week’s Forum Highlights: – DeKyos brings us […]

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New Tolkein book to be published!

AWESOME! Another Tolkien book! LONDON (AFP) – An unfinished book by “Lord of the Rings” author J.R.R. Tolkien, which was completed by his son, will go on sale on next month, a newspaper said. “The Children of Hurin”, which Tolkien began in 1918, will be in bookshops on April 17, the Independent on Sunday added. […]

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