Blizzard Entertainment proudly presents…

That’s what I’m waiting to hear soon.  If you have not already been there check out to see their latest cryptic advertising venture.  Rumor has it that Blizzard will reveal “World of StarCraft” at their gig in Korea this coming week.  This website stunt may correspond with their soon-to-be announcement.  I haven’t blogged much […]

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MadeofLions speaks on The Shores of Evendim

Wow… There’s just so many fantastic things announced in this single post that I can’t wait. The high 20’s and low 30’s have been slow since closed beta and the testers, myself included, sent in so much feedback on what the game needed. They did add a few quests before release and I was somewhat […]

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Adventures anew

Looking back a few blog entries you’ll find that I’ve been struggling to pinpoint exactly what race and class combination I want to take to the end in LOTRO. So far I’ve played my Champion up to level 22 and find it just too darn repetetive considering the distance I took my champ in beta. […]

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