Evendim sneak peak from Eurogamer

Codemasters Online Gaming has magically revealed that Book 9: Evendim will be the first of many significant expansions for Lord of the Rings Online when it arrives sometime this month. It will add a vast new area for players to explore, Evendim, which will offer more than 60 quests to get stuck into, plus lots […]

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Gametrailers.com gives LOTRO an 8.5!

I don’t normally get into blogging the reviews done by websites but I really liked the way Gametrailers.com did their video review and I truly believe it’s 100% dead on. Interestingly enough in my review I gave LOTRO an 8.45 which is right there with the 8.5 from Gametrailers.com. Check out their video review here!

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Gamestop. What a scam.

I have to vent about this. Today Graev decided that he wanted to give Super Paper Mario for the Wii a try. So we went out to dinner and on the way home we swung by Gamestop. If you don’t already know, their slogan is “We buy and sell used games”. So we get inside […]

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