Elidroth formerly of Sigil Games Online speaks out

Today on the FOH board former Game Designer Elidroth Renato spoke out about the recent events. Elidroth has always been extremely willing to communicate with the playerbase offering information on what he is working on and what we can look forward to seeing in the near future.  Here’s what he had to say: I’ll only […]

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LOTRO Adventure Log May-15-2007

Well now that I have finally decided on the character I am taking to the end-game and beyond in LOTRO it’s time to start blogging my adventures! My Burglar is my main character on the Brandywine server. Greybane was created on Friday May 11th and had a rocky start. I was feeling the drain of […]

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In the year 2000…Day 4 with Diablo 2!

It’s day 4 of Blizzard Entertainments website stunt!  Each day Blizzard is releasing a new splash page highlighting one of their games as they count down, or up, to their new title being announced on Seoul, South Korea on the 19th.  So far I have recounted my fond memories of Warcraft I/II and StarCraft.  Now […]

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Sigil Employees Terminated

From F13.net: …at approximately 4:30PM today, Sigil employees were told to meet outside. At which point they were terminated. On the spot. By whom? Doesn’t seem to have been Brad McQuaid, if it was, nobody is talking. But that doesn’t seem like something he’d do. But I suppose the executioner is irrelevant since most folks […]

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