Delbert’s great day and the egos of some

Yesterday was a great day for Delbert.  It began with some questing in Thundering Steppes that eventually lead to me finding a group for the Ruins of Varsoon.  I was lucky and found myself in a group with players who were alts of raiders which meant every item in their inventory was mastercrafted or fabled.  […]

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I resigned from the Vanguard Vault

Well I did it again.  I skipped a day in my blogging.  I blame Stargrace though because the poisons she made have me killing so quickly that I can’t help but gain more experience with Delbert – but I’ll get to that later. Today I resigned from the Vanguard Vault staff. 🙁  This decision was […]

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TS and Nek Forest

As promised I have a a little update in Delbert’s Adventure Log.  I didn’t spend too many hours online today (spent like 5 hours playing DOTA) but the few hours I did play were spent running aimlessly around doing quests in Nektulos Forest and Thundering Steppes.  Let’s start with Nektulos first because I have a […]

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