I’m all leveled out on Fantasy MMORPGs

It’s been a recurring theme with many bloggers and other vocal MMO players out there. The current trend of MMORPG gameplay is getting old! It hit me this past week as I started to feel the continued burn out on Lord of the Rings. I’ve written a few things over the past month or so […]

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The scale of Warhammer and tidbits of info!

Browsing around for videos of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, like I usually do on a Sunday afternoon, yielded surprising results.  We’ve seen video clips showcasing the graphics, the combat, and other small details.  In this video from the Warhammer Vault EA Mythic gives us a look at a Scenario in progress.  I know what […]

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Raise those sails full mast me hearties!

It’s time to start building more hype for Pirates of the Burning Sea! With what would be only two months left until release my anticipation for PotBS is growing steadily every day. I am finding myself less and less interested in the current games I am playing and the big reason looming in the back […]

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