Punkbuster Disallowed Program/Driver 125067

So what are the odds that I talk about Punkbuster and even praise it a little and then suddenly have trouble with it a few days later?  Apparently pretty good…  Tonight Graev and I were playing Call of Duty 4 when we were kicked from the server with the error message that PB detected a Disallowed Program/Driver 125067.  Googling this problem did absolutely nothing for us.  We sent in a trouble ticket to the official punkbuster peeps and so far haven’t heard anything back from them.

A little sleuthing however turned up the following information.  Apparently if you buy games through Steam it can occasionally cause problems with Punkbuster to have the in-game overlay enabled.  Thinking this might be our issue we disabled it by opening Steam and going to File > Settings > In-game > And uncheck the box.  So far so good.  If anyone else is having this problem or suddenly develops this problem we highly suggest you try this method.  I hope that Google picks up on the topic of this and propagates it out there so that others won’t be stuck for hours without a solution as we were.

This just goes to show you that sometimes these anti-cheat programs can be more trouble than they are worth.  Almost.


PotBS PvP: Is it for me?

That’s a question you may be asking yourself.  You might also be asking yourself whether or not PotBS PvP is enough to keep the attention of an avid virtual competitor.  I wrote a blog post for my weekly Captain’s Blog on the Pirates of the Burning Sea Vault detailing how I feel the PvP in PotBS is more than capable of satisfying the needs and desires of many sides of PvP.  You can find the complete listing of my Captain’s Blog entries here.

I’m a PvPer. Will this game interest me?

This question will be asked hundreds of times over the next few years. ‘I’m a PvPer. Will this game interest me?’ In order for you to better understand my point of view on the subject it’s important that you know my playstyle as it pertains to PvP. I love team based PvP in games where nations, realms, factions, or sides of any kind do battle against each other for some larger goal. I don’t like fighting other players for personal records or score and I don’t like to fight them simply to fight them. In DAOC my realm offered me a reason to fight. I played DAOC longer than any other MMO. Why? Because my reason to fight suddenly turned into a reason to keep playing; the game gained longevity.

Pirates of the Burning Sea accomplishes this ‘reason to play’ in a similar way. Right from the start of the game you have picked a side. FLS forces you to support your side by limiting any future characters on that server to that nation. Your nation becomes the only players you know in the game. You might quest with them and level with them early in the game which all leads to one thing: PvP. The core of PotBS is the player versus player interaction. So right away I have established two reasons why PvPers will like PotBS. 1) Replayability and 2) The game is centered around PvP. I want to expand on these things and go into more detail on these two topics and everything surrounding them. As you can tell this entire entry will be aimed directly at those interested in PvP.

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Josh Drescher tosses the community a bone!

Josh DrescherOne of the stops on my daily blog reading schedule is Josh Drescher’s blog. I had originally planned to post this on the 10th but somehow got lost in my enormous list of things to do. Okay, I lied. I only had one thing to do and it involved a Call of Duty. Forgive me m’Lord Josh for my tardiness. In his blog post Josh reveals that there will be no Blood Priests in WAR… or so he says. He’s got them shifty eyes… Keep an eye on this one.

Everyone’s hard at work putting the final touches on the new and improved WAR Beta. With the end in sight, excitement is running very high here at EA Mythic HQ. Thanks to all the patient testers who stayed active in discussions during the downtime. Your feedback has been a critical part of this latest round of changes and improvements.

I’ll see you on the battlefield shortly.

A final freebie:

There are no “Blood Priests” in WAR.

Check out the rest of his blog while you’re there. One of the better dev blogs out there for sure.