Kudos Turbine

Well Thursday’s patch has come and it definitely made an impact on the PvMP community.  Monsters have their armor back!  I logged in this morning to see for myself and there it was, all 375 of my armor.  The good news is that slugs no longer nearly kill me and I can once again solo […]

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Monster play… monstrous flaws

Today I reached my boiling point in PVMP.  I was doing battle against the Freeps on the South Bridge of Tol Ascarnen when I realized that a champion was out damaging me with their bow.  I am a Blackarrow and to have a Champion shoot arrows at me that do more damage than my arrows […]

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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Beta is UP!

This morning PlanetQuake released a back door link to the Quake Wars beta key page for Fileplanet subscribers.  Lucky for us Graev and I both got a key and we’re currently downloading from Fileplanet at 600kbs and have 15 minutes left on the download.  I’ll post screenshots and my impressions on the game later today!

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