Why Do People Play Warframe?

So here’s a legitimate question for you guys… why is Warframe so popular all of a sudden?

I know why it’s being played by all of the Twitch streamers. They have #ad in their titles and are being paid to play.

I know why it’s being covered on some of the bigger news sites. They have disclaimers about being flown to London, and many NA-based outlets are happy to accept the free vacation in exchange for coverage.

What I’m curious about is why the sudden surge. Warframe came out in 2013 and the reviews weren’t favorable. At best it was in that “hey if you like this you might also like this” category, scraping by with 40%-70% scores. I tried it and it felt like a spaztastic shooter game with big emphasis on looting and being a fashion show. The game I tried was generic and lifeless.



Mage Tower: The Saga Continues

When you suck as bad as I do at these challenge-like content events, you just have to laugh about it and write a blog post. My artifact is now up to 130, and my ilvL 920. I’m still getting my butt handed to me by the Mage Tower.

They really do make me think of raids. I’m imagining the countless hours I put into progression raid boss attempts and the frustration I had at people who stood in the bad stuff or didn’t interrupt and I think… I’m that guy and I’m playing all by myself.

The Mage Tower is the solo raid. This is truly what it would be like. I put in about 15 wipes tonight on the Mage Tower, and probably another 20 or so wipes over the past week. I’m making minor progress, and I can see that, but it’s just way too reminiscent of a raid. I’m packing flasks, bloodlust drums, potions, and entering with the mindset of progression raiding. Maybe that’s good?


More on WoW’s War Mode

I was reading more on the latest PvP news/info released from Blizzard for the coming BFA changes, and I confess I”m even more confused and/or curious about some of the changes.

Power Scaling

Here’s what Blizzard says about the scaling.

The point of the scaling changes is not to make it so levels or gear don’t matter. A player who is higher level than you and/or has a higher iLevel than you are going to have an advantage.

If not to make it so that levels or gear don’t matter when there’s a gap between a 110 and a 120, then what is the point? To make them matter less? Power scaling was the biggest defense people put up when people expressed concern that War Mode be a gankfest. “Don’t worry because a level 110 will be able to beat a 120, so the 120 won’t so readily attack the 110!” Maybe? That’s not what the blue post says, though. It seems to imply it’ll just be slightly less of a complete blowout.