***** This guide is now out of date since it does not include any details for The Lord of the Rings: Mines of Moria or later expansions.  However, we will keep it up in remembrance of what a fine game Lord of the Rings Online was before the Free-to-Play transformation.  This guide was at one time the largest attraction for readers to our blog.  We hope that you were helped by this guide in some way over the years and that you’ll return to our blog for future commentary and content! *****

Keen and Graev’s Gaming Blog is proud to bring you our very own leveling guide! Feel free to leave a comment with questions, suggestions, or comments. If you come across any locations in this guide you are not familiar with you can either google them.

Level Guide Map


1-10/15 Archet/Bree-land/Ered Luin/Shire and the surrounding ‘newbie’ quests.

16-20 Northern Bree-Land above Adso’s Camp/ Hengstacer Horse Farm / Thornley’s Farm / Saeradan / Old Forest Quests / Barrow Downs Quests(Guide Available)

16-22 Lone Lands (Forsaken Inn/Candaith’s Camp) / If you finish the western Lone Lands quests I highly recommend you head East to Ost Guruth at level 21-22.

22-26 North Downs (TrestleBridge/Amon Raith/Esteldin/Gatson Farm) Quest Map Available! -or/And- start on the Ost Guruth questing.

24-32 Ost Guruth-Agamaur/Haragmar area -and- finish up Amon Raith/Fields of Fornost before moving to Estelding around 26.

26-30 Esteldin (West side)/Othrikar/Meluinen quests. Don’t forget the various farms and camps offering quests.

30-35 Esteldin (East side) and Earthkin quests -and- The Agamaur dungeon deep in the red swamp.

30-40 Fornost

32-38 Evendim Quests (Start in the Hobbit area near the Shire, south end) / (The ranger island on the lake and outpost near North Downs offer mid 30’s quests)

32-40 Trollshaws (you’ll have to do these in several different runs since they are spread out across level ranges)

38-45 Misty Mountains

38-42 Angmar (Earthkin quests)

40-45 Angmar (Aughaire and Malenhad quests)

42-50 Forochel

45-50 Angmar / Misty Mountains

49-54 Eregion & Morias (Multiple areas)

59-60 Lothlorien

  • Very useful since it’s the only zone per level guide I’ve seend. Good job 🙂

  • Thank you for your comment! I’ve been trying to keep this updated the best I can as I level. Check back for updates often! 🙂

  • I’m at 21 currently and it seems like there’s more quests available for my level in Ost Guruth than Trestlebridge. I’m just starting that section but it seems like it’s better to go Forsaken -> Ost Guruth -> Trestlebridge -> Esteldin to follow the general quest level ranges, it also cuts down on expensive travel routes since from TB to OG is 30+ silver.

  • Yep Kalath I agree. The leveling guide above isn’t laid out 100% A>B>C>D it’s more of a A>b/c>c/b>c/d type format where you can either go here or there first and then go do what you skipped.

    When leveling I do Forsaken > Ost Guruth > Trestlebridge > Esteldin as well. 🙂

    Don’t forget you have the Agamaur area of Ost Guruth which pushes its level range up there slightly.  So you COULD do Ost Guruth area again after you do Trestlebridge.

  • I rarely comment on anything like this.
    But now I must thank you for this!
    Great job and keep it up.

  • I played the game for a while i staright away thought it was obvious where to lvl yd you need a guide?
    just ask any passing layuer will do 😀

  • I played the game for a while i staright away thought it was obvious where to lvl yd you need a guide?
    just ask any passing layuer will do 😀

  • Great guide? and listed so highly in google… just goes to show how bad google is.

    I am not being funny but how is this a guide?

    It’s a list of places and a link to a guide that no longer works.

  • el look at the dates this hasnt been used for months and if your already an experienced play such as a levl 40 or above you dont need a guide, you already have a system that works

  • It guides players on where to go next. That’s all it does. I don’t claim anything more of it.

    It’s helped thousands of people. I’m sorry if it didn’t help you.

    I don’t play the game anymore but the guide can and will get you to level 50 efficiently.

  • Thanks for the blog, nice work on the maps and as you said, it does “guide” players on where to go to next, which in turn helps to level faster.

    Thanks 🙂

    El and damaster are obviously a bit strange.

    — El —
    you say google is bad for rating this site so high, well, you obviously fell of the idiot tree and hit every moron branch on the way down. You know one has to pay to get listed on top of search results, thus any page can come out on top, nothing to do with google being bad or good and btw, if you can’t put 2 and 2 together to see how this guide helps you are obviously one of those losers that would pay others to power level their char, DO SOME THINGS YOURSELF.

    — damaster —
    You are making it sound like you are level 40 and have a “System”…well…remind us again why you were here if not looking for a guide Mr level 40,..looking for cofee, a great time,…your brain,….what ?
    You must be one crappy level 40 player if you are still searching for guides !

    Some People.

  • saren dude take it easy, this isnt the guide el was looking for and he expressed that. damaster seems to be a player who instead of looking at guides should be banging out his last 10 levels and you should look into taken classes for that anger issue =) tell your mom thx by the way and if she is dead that would explain the lack of movment on her part, btw its time you move outa the basement and there are treatments fro those pimps but no lazy way to drop those 20 pounds

  • Hey Keen, just wanted to say thanks for the guide. I just started playing LOTRO, and it’s helpful to me. Appreciate the advice, and I’ll probably be back for Warhammer content in the future. I noticed your “Warhammer podcast and comic coming soon” tag at the top 🙂

  • Hey thanks for the guide. I am lvl 41 and im having one of those times were i dont seem to have enough quests as i used to and nowere seems to fit. Ive been fnishing trollshaws and doing the lower level angmar quests, i went to the misty mountains and it was empty and there werent alot of quests at gloins camp to carry me very far. I guess i was just used to going from 22-36 in the same region like i did in the north downs.well, thanks for the guide and dont listen to the A-holes who think there better than you because you try and help people.

  • could this be made into step by step, have some testers (all that entered e-mails here so you could let them know) than sell it?

  • Nice guide, but how many people ever thought of asking in the advice channel?

    Tilkkod lvl 50
    Tilkod lvl 42

  • I like some of the places you say to go for levels, but I have a few disagreements about the levels to go to such places. Other than that great job. I just have one question. How come you never see guides telling you to go to Forochel? I am currently a 42 Champion, and I have done most quests in Angmar, Trollshaws, but I have yet to touch MM. I just want to know why Forochel is so avoided.

    Meredia lvl 42

  • Awesome resource, I printed it out landscape. It was scaled to fit at 74% and still shows up well printed.
    Thanks a lot!

  • Very good, looked at it a lot as i leveled u pto 50, one big place you forgot though was Forochel, this place was huge for me, tons of quests and such.

  • You need to update it to include forochel, and now moria 🙂
    but good guide guys! real helpful!

  • Hi people

    As newly registered user i only wanted to say hi to everyone else who uses this site 😎

  • Can’t you get into moria at 45?You also forgot to put about etenmoors.Other than that great guid very usefull!:)

  • Update with Forochel (42-50), Eregion 49-54, all the Moria areas to level, and Lothlorien (59-60)

  • Wow. Some people amaze me. This a great guide yet some people still manage to criticize it. They act like they had to pay to see it.

    Thanks for the guide. It is very helpful regardless of what a few idiots say.

  • This is a great, quick and dirty guide to leveling. I reference this EVERY time I start a new toon. Good work fellas.

  • Thanks for the guide! I can finally stop bugging the kinnies where I should be headed to next =)

  • Awesome guide guys! Good reference for the wife when I’m not around to ask! Keep up the great work!

  • Good guide! No matter what some of these idiots say!
    When I hit level 45, I head for Eregion to start my Legendary Items quest. Usually have my first LI by or into level 46.
    Eregion is one of my favorite areas. Very nice for me to level from 45 to 50.

  • I just started LOTRO this month and I love it…so what is wrong with the game now that it is free? I just bought a few quest packs and plan on getting moria soon too. Despite what you say, I still think this quick guide is helpful 3 years after you wrote it. 🙂

  • Hey im starting new in LOTRO today hopefully and i whould probaly be following your guide to leveling up faster so thanks guys i probaly will fail at playing but this should help me