Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 brings the Battlefield series back in a big way! With some of the best maps we’ve seen in several releases, better vehicles, better guns, a better unlock system, commanders, and a brand new engine it’s hard not to get sucked in. Available on just about every system, Battlefield 4 is a must-buy.


XCOM: Enemy Within

The expansion pack to Graev’s 2012 game of the year. This new title offers tons of truly awesome new additions to the game. A new resource known as Meld will allow you to combine your troops with technology. Genetically alter your soldiers with upgrades like mimetic skin or an additional heart or choose to amputate and replace their limbs with robotics so that they can pilot one of the new MEC armor suits. You will need all of these new toys and upgrades to survive against the aliens, especially the two new threats: Seekers and Mectoids. And if that wasn’t enough you now have a secretive new organization known as Exalt, whose sympathies towards the Aliens will thwart your efforts over and over until you finally put a stop to them. Read our full review here!

The Wolf Among us

TellTalle has crafted a fantastic new adventure experience from the fascinating FABLES comics. The story is set in modern day New York except all of the game’s characters are from fairytales. You yourself play as the reformed Big Bad Wolf, Bigby, who is the sheriff of their small community that is trying to eek out an existence in this mundane world while trying not to draw any unwanted attention. So far only the first episode of this series has debuted but it will leave you hungry for more.





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