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What Did You Play This Weekend?

As the weekend comes to a close here at the — almost literal — 11th hour, I’m curious to hear about the games YOU played. I think my time was quite obviously spent in ECO, which is an immersive and realistic sandbox building/surviving game. The Keen and Graev Community has our very own server that we actively play on and maintain, which has been the crucial component of how much fun I’ve been having.

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What Did You Play This Weekend?

Before we get to what we played this weekend, let’s remember there are some cool games coming out this week: ECO and Dragon Quest Builders (Switch). I’m glad to have more distractions.

My time this weekend, specifically Friday through Sunday, was spent playing:

  1. Monster Hunter World – By far the most time. Dropped like 5 hours on Saturday without breaking a sweat.
  2. Assassin’s Creed Revelations – My wife and I are playing through the games in order and we’re making great progress! Next up we’ll have to figure out how to play AC3 since it doesn’t have a PS4 remaster, and I hate playing on the PS3 if I can avoid it.
  3. Subnautica – I’m making my way to the end! I really wish I could attach torpedos to my Cyclops and blow those Leviathan all to kingdom come. Unfortunately, there’s this weird “no weapons” mantra from the devs.
  4. Skyrim on Switch – Loving it. Chipping away at the game a few quests at a time.

I know some of my friends have been playing oldies like Baldur’s Gate 2 and FF11 (Nasomi). Others dabbled once again in WoW after the allied races happened.

What about you?


This Weekend: Looking for Skyrim Smithing Advice

What are you guys playing this weekend?

I’m playing a lot of Skyrim on the Switch. I’ve been leveling a warrior-type using 1h and block. Having not played Skyrim for years, I wasn’t aware of so many of the little changes. The biggest change is to Smithing. My goal was the level up Smithing and craft some pretty epic items. Turns out, it’s a little more difficult now. Smithing in Skyrim now works off the value of the item. From what I read, the best ratio of resources to skill gains comes from making ‘gold rings’, but I’m also reading some info about Dwarven Smithing. Looking for some advice here.

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Remastering / Re-Releasing Games is a Big Business

If I haven’t spent more money rebuying games in the past year than I’ve spent on new games then it has to be really, really close.

There’s a really big trend in the past few years toward re-releasing or remastering past games. Even the most recent Nintendo Direct was all about re-releasing games like Dark Souls, and they also recently released Skyrim (which itself has had numerous releases). Nintendo is leading this phenom with their NES and SNES classic systems and console tempting lots of games to release again.

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What are You Playing this Weekend?

This weekend I’m looking forward to having some time to relax and invest in some games. This week was marred by food poisoning (or something unpleasant…) and a ton of client work. I’m ready for some R&R.

I’ll be clocking time in Skyrim for Switch, finishing up an Assassin’s Creed 2 play-through with my wife, and perhaps looking at getting We are Billions.

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