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Author Topic: Devilian  (Read 1054 times)

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« on: March 20, 2016, 09:38:12 AM »
FTP ARPG published from Trion (taken over from some Korean company that liquidated all their online gaming assets).

Plays like a slightly clunkier Diablo 3. It's more RPGish than D3 in that there are quests you can take. Some main mission, some side-quests. You could skip them and grind if you wanted to: The game doesn't seem to force you along the storyline.

It's also more MMOish than Diablo 3 (if anyone would even tag D3 as an MMO...) in that you are in the in (almost) the same world fighting as everyone else (There are "Channels" so 1 world doesn't get too packed). There are instanced Dungeons you can enter, 6 classes (1 must be purchased), 3 Skill trees per class. Monsters have a concept of Hate and there is a tank class that is useful in Dungeons. Overall, the game seems more difficult than Diablo 3. One Rare Spawn I encountered took me 5 deaths to kill, and the battle lasted probably more than 5 minutes.

Not bad. If you like Diablo 3, it's worth a try, especially being free. I didn't look at the cash shop at all, but there is the concept of Buying/Upgrading (with a chance of failure) your equipment, something called "Talismans" and some sort of special skill decisions you make when you reach level cap (which is ... 52?).

I'm playing on the North America - Asperon server. I'm rolling with the Tank class.