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Keen’s Picks: Top 10 MMOs

This is circulating as a very trendy thing to do lately so here goes.  Most people will have all these games on their lists so it does no good to include the game without my reasons.  In order from greatest to still pretty good, these are the MMORPGs that I rate in my top 10.

Dark Age of Camelot.  I rate this as my favorite all time MMORPG.  I played DAOC for about 2 years and can’t think of a time that I had more fun in an online world.  The PvE leveling in the game was somewhat a grind and it did get rather stale after a while but what makes DAOC shine above all others is the RvR.  Inventing ‘realm vs realm’ combat, Mythic allowed for a sense of purpose in PvP like I had not really experienced before.  RvR was the first time I enjoyed PvP and was actually excited to participate in in a grand scale.  Their keep system was way before its time.  Siege weapons and breaking down/upgrading doors coupled with archers shooting off battlements have never been replicated quite the same.  Guilds claiming keeps and being responsible for their defense.  Alliances forming to strengthen the bonds of community within each realm.  It will be tough to ever top this game’s impact on my gaming career.

Everquest.  My first 3d MMO.  Had it not been for DAOC’s RvR this would have been my first pick.  It was epic.  It was new.  Never again have I felt the sense of fear that crossing the karanas gave me when my level 6 Barbarian encountered a gryphon.  Entering Freeport for the first time it felt like I was so miniscule compared to the rest of the world.  Entering The Desert of Ro and exploring the dangers with my friends for the first time is beyond my ability to explain in words.  It was great.  I played EQ for many years.  I leveled several characters and was always exploring and eager to see more.  Looking back the game had severe flaws but none of those were apparent to me at the time.  MMO gaming was different back then.  People didn’t look at it for what it lacked but for what it was introducing.

Star Wars Galaxies. *Before Jedi were introduced.  Probably would have been #2 if not for the crap they pulled with the Jedi.  It’s STAR WARS!  Storm Troopers patrolling Mos Eisely and the Cantina Band playing.  The ability to play solely as a Musician or Dancer and entertain in a Cantina rocked.  Having your own house in the world right outside a spaceport that you could double as your shop and have people people actually visit was so cool.  I really enjoyed the crafting system in SWG more than any other game.  I had factories and resource gathering machines scattered throughout the galaxy.  The combat system was crap but the scope of gameplay was enormous.  I remember hunting Krayt dragons with a group and watching our exp just explode.  Graev was a Doctor for a good period of time and he would have patients come in and remember him.  Graev was also a droid Engineer and I remember the first time he made a droid and how proud he was.  That’s what it’s all about.

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