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Paladin Might be that Simpler Class I’m Looking for in WoW

This past week we talked about the idea of over-complicated gameplay as it pertains to class rotations, ability usage, mechanics, etc. It was that idea that I didn’t like having a split second decision to manage multiple cooldowns and min-maxing abilities that really required a UI mod to make it happen.

I really wanted to make a Paladin sometime and was debating waiting on BFA to make one, but then I decided I mighta s well make one now because the grind for gear at an expansion’s end doesn’t matter to me, and now is as good a time as any to find a class to experiment with — that way I’m not stuck playing alt after alt when the expansion drops.


Why I Prefer Simpler Character Gameplay

I was playing around in WoW tonight trying out different specs for my Warlock. I came to the conclusion once again (which has happened numerous times over the years) that I really do prefer simpler character gameplay.

When I first picked up the Warlock, I chose that class because it seemed fairly straight forward. Compared to many of the classes available, it is straight forward. Compared to a lot of other MMORPGs, it’s like trying to play Dance Dance Revolution.


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