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What Happens When You Let Friends Drive Your Powered Cart in ECO Game

We’re having so much fun playing ECO (if you can’t tell from all of our posts about the game lately).  We’re reaching that points where we’re starting to have more fun and freedom in the game. We’ve progressed beyond simple stone and logs into an era where we can start to build bridges, pour asphalt, and drive powered carts around like something cool out of the 1800’s.

During one of our beautification projects, I let Yotor take a spin in the Keenmobile.

Well, as you can see from the image above, this is why you don’t let just anyone take your powered cart out for a spin.

We ended up having to dig it out, and I tried to pry it up with a shovel when suddenly the whole cart freaked out and launched itself into orbit traveling mach speed. My leg must have gotten stuck in the wheels because I was flailing about until the thing circled the planet three times then crashed in my backyard. I was thrown free of the cart and landed on the roof of a nearby building.

The whole ordeal was hilarious to the point of tears, and a lesson learned… build rails. Lots of rails.

I’d say within a day or two we’ll start to push into electronics and industry. That’ll put us making street lights and running electricity to our homes for 24/7 lighting! Wooho!


ECO Server Log: Enter the Mechanical & Industrial Age

Quick update for February 15th since it’s my birthday today and I’ll be spending most of it offline.

Our ECO server is really humming along! The age of mechanics is in full swing, and we’ve just begun to see the tip of the industrial era iceberg peaking up over the horizon.

I find myself in a raw materials meets machine-creation position. I’m building most of the advanced machines and refining most of the modern or quasi modern materials that will be used in future building.

Our server’s next step will be to step into a full industrial revolution mixed with some electronic developments. Electricity is coming to our world!


ECO Server Log: Day 4 – The Smoke Rises

What a blast ECO has been these past four days. Literally.

Today I made a blast furnace which means we can now smelt ores without tillings. Tillings are the waste product of smelting using a blowery, which we have now passed a law to ban.

Using a blast furnace, the only byproduct we have to worry about now is air pollution!

I was super excited last night to place the blast furnace and then tinker with having to make some pipes in order to vent the smoke out of the ceiling.

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ECO Server Log: Day 3

Time flies ridiculously fast when playing ECO. That's not necessarily a good thing, though, given the massive meteor planning to crash into the planet in 27 days.

Our Keen and Graev Community server is doing pretty well, I think! In this server journal entry I want to highlight a few of the events and happenings as well as some plans we've put into motion.

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