WildStar is a 3 Monther

I've been in the WildStar beta since June of 2013.  Graev and I both received access early back when there were almost no other people playing on the server.  …

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Will GW2 be a 3 Monther?

Early last year I coined the phrase "3 monther" to categorize those MMO's that launch and then fizzle out for *most* people anywhere in the first 90 days.   Since then…

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The 3 Monther

The pattern is pretty clear at this point: MMO's are not built to last anymore.  The new formula is to create, what I will from this point on call, a…

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WoW Progress Update

It's been a few weeks since I've done one of these. Yep, I'm still playing WoW. Does that mean I'm past the 3 monther status now? KGC & Friends are…

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We Have “A Lot” of Players

Building off of yesterday's post, along with a decline in subscriptions and purchasing Candy Crush for a bazillion dollars, Blizzard will no longer be releasing subscription numbers. As you can…

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