Allods Online LvL 30 PvP Video

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Here is a video of some PvP that I did yesterday.  It took place in the center of Asee-Teph outside the Temple of Tensess.  My Renew ability is maxed out in talents and rubies so it does a great deal of healing per tick.  My lightning spell is instant cast and I stick to the back of the fight popping off big hits.  My pet goes in and hassles them with good damage, knocks them down and silences them, and gets buffed to do extreme damage every two minutes.  I’m able to cast a 10-12 second disable every few minutes, give potions (Health stones) to my team, silence, and use other abilities of my own as well.

My character is very versatile and I enjoy the role that I play in PvP.

If you have any questions let me know!

  • Is there any class that is doing well in 1v2 or 3 ?
    or any particular combo for 2 vs 5 ?

    well i think you got the point, is it possible to win even if outnumbered ?

    ( i heard there’s a lot of cc, so i think it’s possible. however i have no idea of the influence of all the pets, maybe they’ll end up killing you if there’re too many )

  • Yes, it’s possible to win if outnumbered. 4 of us pushed back 8 last night. I’ve killed 2 on my own before. I’ve witnessed 1 guy kill 3 of us.

    Pets will destroy you if you have a couple on you. There’s lots of CC but it’s nothing like WAR or DAOC imo.

  • Video is being filtered out on youtube-Germany as it contains Sony and Koch-Media stuff :/

  • Keen I’m starting to think you have some fascination with the old Disney cartoon afternoon block (damn thats a lot of words). We got Gummi Bears going strong on one video, now I hear Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers!

    Man you are bringing back memories! LOL

    Keep up the videos.

  • I’ve dropped out of playing for now, I’ve already decided I love the game but don’t want to burn out from having to level again.

    But I have to say, LunDeus and Tato are pretty cool people empire side, videos always seem to mean more when you recognize a few names.

  • Another good pvp game for me to suck at! So do people last for awhile like in Aion or is it generally 3 shots dead?

  • Top notch music selection as always 🙂

    I’m not sure what I was watching, it felt like my childhood cartoons did go crazy and start attacking each other.

  • I think I won’t spec potions but instead save the spec points and buy them on the AH…

  • @coppertopper: People last for a while. You can see in the video there are some people, even casters, who have 3-4 people blasting on them and they survive. I’m in cloth/leather and I last a great deal of time with my renew buff.

    Warriors and Paladins in plate with defensive specs last a very, very long time.

    @Gankatron: Potions (from skills and Alchemy) are powerful. It’s always good to have a healthy supply for +stat and +health.

  • I can read that is true from my low level warden’s as of yet poorly developed skill tree, but can’t I just buy them from someone else and “double dip” by instead using those spec points for development in other areas in the tree?

  • LOL yes that Rescue Rangers followed by Pokemon songs made me laugh. I couldn’t really tell what was going on in the video but watching those little guys run around and those songs playing was comedy.

  • First – the random cut scenes to your trio of gophers dancing naked during a pvp video is lame, dont ever do it again.

    Second – the pvp reminds me of the O RvR in WAR in the best possible way. I love world pvp and this game seems to have plenty of it.

    Nice vid, loose the random scenes.

  • Hilarious musical choices. Thank God there are some people who know how to have fun with a pvp video. As opposed to all those who think its “serious business”, and require a death metal music track while zooming in on crit numbers. Good job.

  • With regards to the random scenes, I like them. What would be cool though is if later after the fight you did closeups of yourself attacking the mobs around there and then inserted those into the combat video. So it would look like you’re getting a closeup of what a certain attack looks like when you cast it on an enemy.

    Love the music as well. So so very tired of all the extreme heavy metal “death death death” “scream scream scream” music that people use in videos (and I actually like classic heavy metal).

    Sounds like you’ve got a lot of CC abilities which is awesome. I find them invaluable in group pvp combat. Also now that I’m 27th lvl, I’m finding that I can actually battle heal 30th lvl players much easier now. Oh and I finally got my trinket too which is so nice!

  • @JT: It was supposed to be silly/stupid to match the zaniness of Gibberlings and the music. The goal was a silly movie.

  • Nice vid and one with music I didn’t have to turn off for a change. Honestly, what is it with gamers and metal?

    I actually did some PvP tonight. Following my earlier comments, I have still found PvP in the Holy Lands to be very much the exception rather than the rule. I’ve spent something like a dozen hours there now and so far I have killed or helped kill five Empire folks and died to them about three times.

    I quested for two hours this afternoon before I saw an Empire player, when three turned up and we had one death on each side. They came back half an hour later and caught us while we were trading and chatting and got us both.

    This evening I qexplored and quested for nearly four hours and saw one Empire enemy. We killed him. He came back and killed me and my group killed him again.

    That’s my Allods PvP so far and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • So where do you think the game will fit in with the current mainstream of MMO’s out there?

    Do you think people are afraid to try this game due to the fact that it is a free MMO, even if it does look amazing?

    Also, what is your opinion on how well this game will do in the current market as it is right now?

  • @Poxus: I think the game will fit in somewhere between the people who want WoW PvE with faction based PvP but without the harshness of the hardcore titles.

    It will slide in and be capable of satisfying a large percentage of MMO players.

    I think people will be very skeptical. Some may not even give the game a chance at all. It’s free to play and that brings with it a stigma and a stereotype. Whether or not the stigma and stereotype are accurate will depend on where the game goes after launch. For now it looks like it will defy them.

    I think the game will do very well. It’s free to play, it has a very active approach to PvP with a new twist ala Astral Ships. The PvE content is abundant and well done. Their cash shop model is such that you really don’t have to buy anything, but at the same time you’ll want to buy some things once and others continually. Hopefully it remains at a point where nothing in the shop intrudes upon gameplay.

  • Thanks for the response. I tried it in CBT2 briefly as a Orc Shaman with the little goblin pet. Didnt get off the ship but i can see the fun of it. Wow has me addicted but i think ill try it again tonight with the latest key i have to try out other races/classes and get another feel.

  • Regarding that f2p stigma Keen mentioned. When Keen first started writing about Allods I was very skeptical and pretty much wrote it off as a waste of my increasingly precious “free time”. I think this skepticism comes from the horrible advertising that other f2p mmo’s use. It seems I can’t visit a website without some overly cute f2p anime character with disproportionate breasts telling me to play her game. I nearly let Allods fall into that category based solely on the fact that it was f2p. However thanks to Keen’s blogging efforts I decided to give it a shot, and I am most certainly not dissapointed I did. I’ve played many mmo’s and I would consider Allods on par with the best that I’ve played. If you’re still a skeptic it is at the very least worth a download and an afternoon’s visit. A low risk investment for your mmo’ing portfolio.

  • Hiho from the UK!

    Great little video, I was really keen to find out more about the Allods pvp and it gave a great insight. Think I might just have to check it out!

    Incidentally, the soundtrack made my day 😉

  • I’m blown away by this video. Take note:

    1. Combat is smooth.
    2. Lag is minimal and performance great
    3. Every spell effect and visual effect can be seen (I hated the lack of visuals in WAR)
    4. There is no over-zealous crowd control throughout the entire fight
    5. People don’t fall over dead after 2 seconds

    I’ve decided to hold off playing anymore until launch, keep up the videos!

  • Nice video. I’m up for some PVP that isn’t 2 shots you’re dead. I’ve quit for now. I need it to still have that new car smell when it releases. I WANT to play but not allowing myself to steal the thunder from my “real” main. *sigh*