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Unlocked Dark Iron Dwarves

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I thought it would take me forever, but I just put my head down, my nose to the grindstone, and played like I said I would. I did the quests I wanted, skipped the ones I didn’t, and now I have the Dark Iron Dwarves unlocked!

Along with the allied race I’m also given faster mount speed in BFA zones. It’s slight, but every bit helps without flying. With Pathfinder Part 1 done, I’m even more anxious to fly.

Now I’m stuck deciding if I’m going to level my Dark Iron Dwarf Warrior from 20-120, or if I’m going to boost. If I boost, I don’t get the heritage armor. Does that matter enough to me? Does the Heritage Armor look cool enough that I would transmog BFA gear to look like it? Obviously it’s cool enough looking that I’m conflicted… but cool enough to spend 50+ hours? I’m trying to think logically about it. I won’t have fun leveling from 20-110 at all. If I think about 50 hours and what I value my time at, I can tell you the boost is entirely economical.

I’m going to play a Warrior as this alt because I think they sound really cool. Fury looks really fun to play, and Arms doesn’t look half bad either — and it terms of performance, Arms is performing really well.

Back to playing my way — I was able to find a guild that appears to be my kind of people. We’ll see how it shakes out in the next couple of weeks. Like me, they want to focus a lot on mythic+ dungeons and dabble in raids. Like me, they could not care less about mythic raids or even pushing hard on heroics. They want to do normals, then if it’s possible they’ll do heroics.

Now that I have my reps where I need them for pathfinder and allied races, I’ll probably scale back and only do Champions of Azeroth rep. I’m considering myself graduated from world quests — I’ve never liked them.

Tomorrow will be a big day with the launch of the first raid, mythic+, and hopefully Warfronts. How these go will significantly impact how long BFA lasts for me.

  • Boost your Dwarf, then if you ever decide you want the heritage armor make another one and level it at your own pace. Make it a Monk because they have a built in exp boost.

    That way you can enjoy your Dark Iron now and get the heritage armor eventually without any pressure.

    • That’s an amazing idea! I didn’t know that I could do that. It makes total sense, but for some reason I always thought I had to do it on my first go. Thank you! 😀

  • You sound really down on WoW lately. Just an undertone I’ve been noticing where every post seems to be waiting for the expansion to “hook” you.

    I’m really excited for Uldir. A friend and I have been power grinding our way through Mythics to get ready for the raid. I think we are roughly between 340-345gs. I’m having a great time with my Wind Walker. First expansion I’ve mained a dps class in probably over a decade. It is a really nice change of pace.

    I just hit revered with 7th legion, so I’m still looking forward to unlocking Dark Iron Dwarves. Not sure on the class for them yet, but it will be a nice break from BFA end-game to level an allied race alt. I never did the rep grinds in Legion to unlock Void Elf/Draenei, and I don’t see myself doing them any time soon (even though I really want a Void Elf).

    • I’m definitely not down about WoW right now. I’m having a lot of fun. It’s nice to have an MMO — even if it’s the old themepark — to play each day.

      I’m only disappointed by the grinds and the lackluster expeditions. Otherwise, it’s pretty good so far.

  • “I won’t have fun leveling from 20-110 at all”

    Are you playing the game or is it playing you?

    It seems pretty obvious, don’t play it if it isn’t fun, it’s a game not a job.