Island Expeditions are a Snore

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Couple of weeks into BFA, I’m a bit disappointed by the Island Expeditions. Closer to the expansions launch I wrote a post about how I felt they were a little too like PvP. I think that’s still true for me, but since they nerfed the enemy NPCs I haven’t really been too bothered by them. My real issue with them is that they’re… just really not well designed.

It’s just a race against the clock. It’s nonsensical, non-explorative, non-mechanical, manic gameplay. I think they missed an opportunity to make these expeditions more engaging and immersive. Instead, they’re a chore I feel compelled to do because their reward is so significant (1500 7th Legion rep and 2500 AP).

They could have made them more compelling by adding exploration, puzzles, maybe some platforming, or something that helped you feel like these were a break from the usual gameplay.

I’m hoping on the 4th when Warfronts open up that they’ll be more involved and more the pace and gameplay I want to actively play rather than something I just have to get ‘done’.

On the positive side, I’m enjoying the dungeons a lot and I’m making good progress unlocking my Dark Iron Dwarves. I should have them next week! I also found a guild to play with, and we’ll be doing the raid this next week. They’re super casual, 2 hour raids once or twice a week. Just my speed right now.

  • I concur with there being something “missing” with Island Expeditions, but I can’t say I’m not enjoying them. I do them with people I know and we tend to experiment a little more rather than just do what pug’s do.

    There is a lot of potential with the system that I really hope Blizzard experiments with, however I do like how the area “evolves” as you go on with invading parties, swarms of mobs, etc. Mythic or PVP is where the fun is (for me).

    • I think it needs to evolve more into an experience than a grindy race. If there was more going on during this expedition it might mean something to me. Right now it truly is a grind on mobs at a pace that doesn’t support ‘exploration’.

  • How do you get that faction from expeditions? I’ve done a few now and never gotten anything but Azerite power.