BFA’s Story is Going Exactly Where I Want It to Go

BFA’s Story is Going Exactly Where I Want It to Go

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Tonight I was able to finish up the Alliance campaign, and I have to say it was phenomenal. I don't know what you guys over on the Horde are experiencing, but over here the stage is being set for a resurrection of the greatest Warcraft story ever told.

Heads up, there will be spoilers here as I discuss ending of the Alliance campaign so far.


Throughout the Alliance campaign, which is actually quite short in story but inflated a little with dungeon runs, you're working to find and save Jaina. Turns out Kul Tiras had it all wrong these years and they really do need Jaina AND the Alliance. 

Finding Jaina being tortured by her guilt in the blighted lands -- notice a few familiar faces?

As you rescue Jaina, you help usher her back to the hearts and minds of the Kul Tirans, and eventually to saving the city from the clutches of those annoying pirate'y manipulators. 

The music is insanely good, as are the cutscenes. I loved when Jaina held up the amulet (which apparently has a random chance to proc the Kul Tiras Fleet). Having the fleet return and save the city was epic.

The Kul Tiras Fleet responding to Jaina's call to return.

But here's where things go from awesome cutscene to nerd chill storytelling.

The NPC who has helped you along your journeys, Taelia, reveals herself as none other than Taelia Fordragon -- YEP! The daughter of the current LICH KING!

Taelia Fordragon, daughter of the current Lich King!

I jumped out of my seat with excitement. The Lich King storyline is my absolute favorite Warcraft story, and by far the best WoW expansion.

There are tons of hints that this storyline will eventually unfold itself toward a return of the Lich King. There's a new NPC model for him, Taelia being his daughter, Sylvanas acting this way, Anduin needing a wife (Taelia I bet), and lots of references to the Lich King that I simply thought were neat references.

For now, we end our current story with Kul Tiras joining the Alliance and the revelation of Taelia's identity. Once we get Azshara and her creepy Naga story out of the way, it'll be time to watch this unfold. Can't wait! Here comes the next expansion: Rise of the Lich Queen!