Finally Beat the Prot Paladin Mage Tower

Finally Beat the Prot Paladin Mage Tower

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I'm so stinking proud of myself for not giving up. Just 20 minutes ago I tweeted how I hadn't raged this hard at a game in a long, long time. I was literally one attempt from throwing in the towel forever on this challenge.

I watched a dozen videos and feel like I perfected the strategy. I was simply losing to the knockoffs. Random knockoffs here and there. Infuriating.

This last attempt I blew every cooldown right in the beginning and just went HAM on the Inquisitor. I went nuts and killed him fast, then I went crazy on Kruul. I started to tunnel-vision slightly, but I had the wherewithal to pop a LoH and a BoF. And I beat it!


I feel amazing right now. I overcame something that was giving me grief for two months. I wiped 12 times today, and I know I went through at least 40 bear tartare trying to complete it. So that's a lot of wipes.

Had I not completed the challenge, I think I would have felt miserable. Failure isn't a great feeling, but without that failure I think this challenge would have felt a lot like the rest of WoW does... sort of just a checkbox to tick and move on to the next daily checkbox.

Despite the rage inducing challenge of it all, I'd like more challenges like this in BFA. That seems to be a common sentiment among those who finish the challenge.

That was a nice way to cap off Legion.

  • Grats Keen! It is a great feeling. I think that Prot Paladin appearance looks pretty badass.

    I also hope to see more content like this in the future.

  • Congratulations! It’s a very tough challenge, especially for Prot Paladins.

    I think I feel similarly about the mage tower. Trying and failing over and over sucked. I got really frustrated. For example, getting knocked off the platform when Kruul is at like 2% HP (repeatedly) is not a happy moment. But actually beating the challenges felt amazing. My heart was pounding, sometimes I was literally shaking afterwards with all the stress/adrenaline.

    As you said, beating those challenges wouldn’t have felt half as good without all the pain beforehand. But man, there was pain.

  • Good job! It felt pretty good completing the rogue one. It is not a dps race but completing it faster sure lower the risks of a quick end to a fatal mecanic. So i guess the unstable artifact helped there. Still, was a good challenge. Now trying lock and prot pal, but i feel im missing a key legendary on my lock to snare the mobs. Anyways, i wanted to take a short break before bfa drops so maybe ill just take my rogue”s challenge as the final chapter of my Legion experience. Considering i did nothing more that LFR, completing class/mount on a few alts, my final impression of Legion is pretty good.

  • Grats Keen! I finished it yesterday too on the Protection Paladin. I did on the Vengeance DH a few days before and according to DBM I had 85 wipes. That was supposed to be my practice for the Protection paladin and I felt way more comfortable with the challenge the second time around but…I still racked up 85 wipes on the Protection Paladin as well lol. Next up – Outlaw Rogue 🙂