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Pokemon Go is a Thing Again

I remember when Pokemon Go came out two years ago. Those were wild times. They lasted about two weeks.

The novelty wore off. Justifiable so, right? Who wants to walk around outside looking like a pariah? I mean, other than the large crowds of people who went to the events that flopped, but would keep going to them despite their issues.


When Nintendo announced Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee, things seemed to change. I think they were already changing, or had changed, or would be changing, or something like that. The game itself has been evolving over the years, and it's now what I wish it would have been when it originally released.

Lots More Pokemon

Generation 3 came out recently, and there's already Gen 4 coming. There are tons more Pokemon than when I originally played. This makes the 'collecting' element more enticing and rewarding. Collecting is, after all, one of the biggest lures since it taps into our innate human desire to collect things.

More Features

Pokemon Go now has these things called Raids where a tougher Pokemon you probably want is in a gym. Players can all get together and fight the Pokemon. These are good for exp and even catching the Pokemon.

There are also more reasons to visit Pokestops like quests and more rewards. These lead you to feel like you have more incentive to actually play the game.

And there's also a friend system to add people and send them gifts.

So really that's 3 innate human things: Collect, Progress, Socialize. 

Lots More Events

Lately I've seen a lot of these events going on like special Pokemon weekends where a rare or legendary Pokemon is available more abundantly. There's even an event going on this weekend to get Squirtles with sunglasses. 

These community event days not only entice people to get out and play, but also to share those experiences on social media. Together they share their love of playing and even tempt others to get out and play too. If you're following along, I think we just added two more human traits to the list.

I'm Playing Pokemon Go Again

I gave in and re-downloaded the app. Now I'm playing too, though I have to say I'm still not any closer to leaving my house just to catch Pokemon.

My biggest draw is Let's Go Pikachu. I got the edition with the Poke Ball Plus. I'm fascinated by how this is all going to play out later this year.

Have you started playing again? I know some of you have because you pressured me into playing again too! 

  • For me Pokemon Go fundamentally misses the mark when it comes to my Pokemon “fantasy”. I’ve played the handheld Pokemon games since Red/Blue. I remember as a kid getting the Gameboy Colour just for Pokemon.

    While, yes, “catching them all” was the tagline, what I always enjoy most is building up your team of six Pokemon. Picking the perfect team, leveling them, bonding with them. I always feel a real sense of attachment to my team of Pokemon – especially my starter.

    Pokemon Go throws all that out the window. No training your Pokemon, no bonding, no leveling. Just catch 1000 Pidgeys and grind them up into candy to dump into your strongest one, who will probably himself be ground up later.

    • It’s definitely a different experience. I think their goal all along has been to shift the concept of bonding with Pokemon to bonding with other people. Socialization (and exercise to some extent) is the game’s greatest strength. They just need the right amount of progression available to facilitate that socialization.