Mage Tower: The Saga Continues

When you suck as bad as I do at these challenge-like content events, you just have to laugh about it and write a blog post. My artifact is now up to 130, and my ilvL 920. I’m still getting my butt handed to me by the Mage Tower.

They really do make me think of raids. I’m imagining the countless hours I put into progression raid boss attempts and the frustration I had at people who stood in the bad stuff or didn’t interrupt and I think… I’m that guy and I’m playing all by myself.

The Mage Tower is the solo raid. This is truly what it would be like. I put in about 15 wipes tonight on the Mage Tower, and probably another 20 or so wipes over the past week. I’m making minor progress, and I can see that, but it’s just way too reminiscent of a raid. I’m packing flasks, bloodlust drums, potions, and entering with the mindset of progression raiding. Maybe that’s good?

I often wondered what it would be like to raid solo. Raid when I want, with only people I like, who are all working in unison — it’s my army of one.

Despite hating the Mage Tower now and my own ineptitude, I like that there’s at least one piece of challenging content for a solo player. I wouldn’t mind seeing more like it added to the game in BFA. I’d also like to see 2-man or 3-man challenges.

In a way, what’s really the difference if it’s solo, 2 people, 3 people, or 40? Other than the difficulties of herding cats, it’s a remarkably similar and rewarding process. At least I imagine it’s rewarding because I wouldn’t know.

  • I have completed 5 different Mage Tower specs: Windwalker, Brewmaster, Feral, Balance, and Elemental. They are arguably some of the easiest to complete.

    I really wanted to complete Mistweaver and Resto Druid as well, but my patience with the healing one is just about gone. I can reliably make it to the final stage, but then die. This wouldn’t be so frustrating if the challenge didn’t take so long. Spend 10 minutes working up to the hard part, then panic/screw up/whatever and die in the last 60 seconds. Repeat. It’s not looking likely that I’ll get those ones in time.

    • I raged so hard towards the end just having to wait for the conversation component at the beginning to end! I knew that’s when it was time to go work on tradeskills.

      • As luck would have it, a few hours after I made that comment I tried it again on my Mistweaver and won after 2 attempts! Now on to Resto Druid, which I believe will be harder.

        My new philosophy is to just try and be chill about it. Do 1-2 attempts and walk away, come back a few hours later and do 1-2 more. Try not to care too much if I win or not. It helps reduce my anxiety about it all.

      • That’s going to be my mindset. Try it 2-3 times, then go work on something else. I find the more I drill it the more I get frustrated and even fail.

  • The last piece of advice I could give you keen is to take 2 or three breaths before you pull. It seems crazy but it’s about understanding priority. Just relax you’ll get it.

  • After 35 tries I managed to complete the Havoc Demon Hunter one. It is quite satisfying once you complete it. I have a few others I would love to complete but they are even tougher from what I have heard. I want to do the Protection paladin and am practicing with Vengeance DH since it is the same quest but easier on the DH.

    • Prot paladin is the one I’m struggling with right now. Perhaps my problem is that I’ve never actually played this Paladin any other way but solo. Therefore I’m missing some of the nuances of having raided or done significant grouping.

      • Prot Paladin is the hardest of the tanking challenges, for some reason. You have no tools to help if you mess up (e.g., get knocked off) and his health seems overtuned for Prot’s damage output. Don’t forget flasks, food, runes, lightforged elixirs, and goblin gliders!

  • I think it’s fantastic there is legitimately challenging solo content.

    It is less fantastic if your spec almost requires specific legendaries to complete that content. I remember struggling for a while. I got lucky and got the exact legendaries I needed to facilitate the challenge and then it was much more manageable.

    • Agreed! I’d like the challenging solo and very small (2-3 people) group content to make a return in BFA.

      Also agreed about the legendaries. I should look into which ones I need for prot paladin.

  • I feel your pain.

    Just completed the assassination rogue challenge. Tried 2-3 times a day for.. well, almost two weeks. Then got to 920 on this new alt, enchat and gems, and finally got it. oh the joy.

    Im done with legion.

    Bfa ready!

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