Did you hear? Dauntless has lots of players.

Did you hear? Dauntless has lots of players.

Dauntless is in open beta. You may remember it as that game being streamed by people who were given access if they would stream it together. It quickly fizzled out into obscurity after the closed beta wasn’t well received.

Now it’s in open beta, and apparently it underwent some big changes to try and make it a little more like Monster Hunter. All I remember from the streams I watched (I have not played it myself) are the horrible sounds. I probably wrote a post about how my ears would bleed when I watched people play.

But lots of supposed good changes have made people flock to give it a shot. After all, it’s F2P. And what would a F2P game be without devs touting the registered player numbers? In case you weren’t aware, people like to try new free games.

The newness and freeness have brought about some pretty insane queues. There are 100,000 people in the queue right now. The Dauntless subreddit is basically memes about how bad things are when having to wait to play.

I’m sure those people would love to watch other people play, but since the game is so good now they’ve only allowed a handful of “partners” the right to stream the game. Those players believably love the game.

I really don’t have a point to this, other than my odd fascination with the entire process. The game wasn’t very good in closed beta, regrouped, only lets approved people show it off on Twitch, has a queue of 100,000 people, and then touts how many people are playing. It all makes complete sense.

  • You seem to have it in for this game for some reason. I agree it had its problems in closed beta but I don’t think it was poorly received, and I totally disagree that it wasn’t very good, because I enjoyed it a lot. I parked it after a while because I wanted to wait till the final wipe before I played it regularly, and I suspect a lot did the same. If that’s what you call “fizzling out”, then so be it, but a game doesn’t need to be in the top 10, or even top 20 games being streamed on twitch for it to be a decent game.

    The comparison people make with Monster Hunter in the manner of “Oh Monster Hunter does this, that, and the other, is more polished, thus automatically makes it a better game” really irks me! I like the idea of Monster Hunter, I’ve owned a few iterations of it, but I cannot get past the Japanese theme of it all. In a genre that is way too under-represented, I love that developers are pushing their own take on it, despite the juggernaut that is Monster Hunter. People enjoy this game, and whilst yes it may not be for some, I don’t see the need to paint it in a bad light.

    • Rather than having it out for the game, I think I’m just grumpy about F2P games selling early access, then hiding the game behind partnered content providers, and then touting how many registered players they have. It strikes a few nerves.

      • I totally get that, but personally I don’t mind funding a developer for early access if it helps them develop a game I enjoy/like the look of. Even for released games, I quite often buy indie games that I never end up playing, but I don’t begrudge spending the money because I like funding developers that do something different.

        As for the twitch partner thing and the queue thing, I’m right there with you. I really hate streamers getting preferential treatment from developers just to market their game, but it didn’t bother me as much for Dauntless because at least I could drop money to get access myself. The queues are outrageous atm, they claim they predicted 75,000 active users based on closed beta, but they were crazy to think that would not skyrocket now that access is free. This particularly bothers me since I don’t get ahead of the queue for dropping money on founders.

        I hope you get in to give it a fair shake, I think it’s a lot of fun personally. Depends how much you see Monster Hunter as the fall back game.

      • I quit Monster Hunter World after getting bored from sucking so badly. I was TERRIBLE. I put in 100 hours and feel like I spent the entire time trying to be good at the game but never feeling satisfied with my performance. It rubbed me the wrong way in a really bad way.

        I’d like to give this a fair shake.

        I started this morning # 118,000 in the queue. I’m now #98,142. That’s after 2 hours. At this rate, maybe 5-6 more hours until I can try it.

    • Add on top of that wanting to try out the game but being stuck in a 98k queue this morning. It’s just dumb.

  • I sat in queue for about 9 hours and finally got in after the maintenance. I had a lot of fun for the 3 hours I played. Looking forward to playing a lot more.