Paladin Might be that Simpler Class I’m Looking for in WoW

Paladin Might be that Simpler Class I’m Looking for in WoW

This past week we talked about the idea of over-complicated gameplay as it pertains to class rotations, ability usage, mechanics, etc. It was that idea that I didn’t like having a split second decision to manage multiple cooldowns and min-maxing abilities that really required a UI mod to make it happen.

I really wanted to make a Paladin sometime and was debating waiting on BFA to make one, but then I decided I mighta s well make one now because the grind for gear at an expansion’s end doesn’t matter to me, and now is as good a time as any to find a class to experiment with — that way I’m not stuck playing alt after alt when the expansion drops.

Playing my Paladin, I think this class is much more in-line with what I wanted. I’m playing ret spec, and it appears to me that (unless I’m missing something) the spec is straight forward. I have a couple abilities that I use to build up my holy power, then I unleash that holy power with a spender. If I’m fighting a single target I use this one, and if I’m fighting 3+ targets I use that one. I have one cooldown that I should time when I have my debuff (Judgment) on the enemy, and maximize my “spenders” when that buff and debuff are active. Don’t need a UI mod to tell me that!

Mix in a few defensive abilities and a little bit of timing practice to maximize those abilities that I can use within a window, and this class feels good to me.

I’m also really enjoying this class’s lore a lot more than Warlock. Something about being a holy knight seems way cooler than a demon master. Feels more “alliance” to me anyway. The mythos surrounding the class is something I can really enjoy as I roleplay on my own head.

One last benefit in my mind is that the Paladin can swap specs to tank or dps (or even heal) in BFA much easier than Legion — unless I’m missing something? Seems in BFA swapping specs is once again a doable thing. That means I can probably tank if I can’t get a queue as a DPS spec.

  • Im not sure how spec swapping differs netween bfa and legion. For all non super high content its idntical as far as I know. You need new trinkets and good to go in both exp.

    • In Legion it wasn’t doable to swap specs because of how much artifact power was required. This is no longer the case at present time, of course, because of the “catch up” mechanic. At the beginning, however, my Druid couldn’t tank AND heal unless I had no life at all.

      In BFA I’m told there isn’t a spec-specific amulet or whatever uses artifact power. Swapping specs shares it.

      • Not really true, there will be several traits for different specs on the same row, so either prepare to respec a lot or farm several sets of azerite armor.

  • Yeah, Ret is pretty straightforward. It makes sense with all the group utility. But having played Beta for BfA a little, I think Blizzard thinks its a little too straight forward. Not many changes. Judgement buffs your next spender, Hammer of Wrath is back, both of them generate holy power. I have to pay attention a little more (but not too much) and I like it.

      • I’m with you, I’m done with needing hyper complicated rotations. I’m liking the paladin mechanics so far. Having hammer of wrath back feels good (though, I’m admittedly a very old player), and I’m liking that judgement is no longer a window but a buff on the next spender.

        I played a lot of prot pally in Legion which was fun, if not progression optimal, but haven’t dug in on BFA. Sadly I hated Holy in Legion, and it looks like it hasn’t changed much for BFA.

        If you want another straightforward spec, I’d also recommend giving Frost Mage a try.

    • No, I went dwarf. I love them too much. I might race change one day to Kul Tiras, but not likely.

      I’ll make a Dark Iron Dwarf warrior as an alt.

  • Love my pally! 13 yrs and he’s still my main. I mostly play prot but I have been trying ret. All specs are awesome in pvp.

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