Finished All of Legion

I think I can officially say now that I have finished all of Legion. I unlocked flying, completed all of the raids and dungeons, etc. I'm going to push some spoilers, so if you're not yet finished with Legion you can go ahead and skip this post.


I liked the ending of Legion.

The ending cinematic was really what a huge part of Legion and even the entire Warcraft lore have hinged upon for decades. Sargeras has finally been defeated by the 'champions' (that's us), the Titans, and Illidan. Yay!

We finally got to see what Sargeras looks like too!

At the very end he basically stabs Azeroth... in a much less cool way than slicing the entire planet in half like he's known for doing.

After he stabs the planet (with his sword now stuck squarely into Silithus... which is no surprise since nothing good has ever come out of that zone), the Titans pulls him back and he's imprisoned in the pantheon or something. 

Illidan now, ironically, is his warden. 

Some interesting parallels can be drawn to the same type of relationship Bolvar has with the Lich King.

Though I liked the ending, I'm ready for a lot of this sci-fi stuff and deity'ish stuff to end. I'm ready for Warcraft to hopefully, one day maybe, return to more of a geopolitical lore. I like orcs fighting humans. I like alliance vs. horde. Not sure I'll get much of that any time soon, with all this talk of old gods and such.

I like the pure fantasy side of Warcraft over the fantasy-sci-fi-spacegoats stuff. I think it's similar to why I like Marvel more when it's one hero protecting a city vs. heroes saving the world from space bad guys. The burning legion is done. Less demons, please, and more magic.

Legion's epilogue starts to segue into 7.4, and hopefully pre-patch comes soon. Not sure I'll stick around to do much else in WoW until then.

  • Drathmar says:

    I loved the ending of Legion. There were a lot of good scenes, especially with Illidan. One of my favorite moments is when he denies the Naaru.

    Also, hopefully now it goes back to more of the magic stuff. The titans are back but are guarding Sargeras with Illidan (though note hes not dead so he could return in the future…), and the prologue cinematics.

    I don’t mind the old gods so much either, as at least they are still more magic than anything else, and even in D&D you fight similar entities so it fits with the fantasy not sci-fi aspect for me at least.

  • Sky says:

    We are definitely entering a more magic-centric era of World of Warcraft again. If you are interested in spoilers for Battle for Azeroth, check out Bellular’s videos.

    I am super excited for BFA, mostly because I love the Old God stuff, and there is definitely something going on, if not in this expansion, but the next. There are way too many hints going forward that happened in Legion that point towards a very end-times Old God story line.

  • Caldazar says:

    Personally I really do not want to fight the horde as an alliance. It feels like there is no reason for it, and any conflict is incredibly unrealistic.

    I never really saw wow as scifi, since for me scifi has a fair dose of science, while in wow the spacecraft are magic spacecraft. I never really associated space with scifi exclusively, so I didn’t find it scifi at all.

    I do agree with less demons, more magic. For me, please no orcs, no demons. Overdosed on orcs in mop and warlords, and demons in warlords and legion. Need a break from both. I’m quite fine with some freaky weird old gods magic stuff.

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