Finished up Argus Storyline

Finished up Argus Storyline

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I'm one week into my foray back into WoW. Tonight I was able to finish up the storyline in Argus, which is the latest content patch. All that's left for me to do now is to do the last raid and I'll have seen all the content in WoW.

That sounds a little fast, and one might immediately think that means there hasn't been a lot of content in Legion, but I assure you I feel like it's quite the opposite. Blizzard did a nice job rounding out this expansion with some content, unlike how they left WoD hanging.


Legion's story and content has been pretty good. Although absolutely confusing for a returning player -- and I'm just now getting my bearings -- I think the story has come together for me. Brokens Isles, Broken Shore, and now Argus have a good storyline. I think they also have a good set of accompanying content.

You guys know me... I hate dailies. I think that's why I really struggle to enjoy world quests. That's essentially all there is to do on Argus and Broken Shore, though. I doubt I'll ever be a fan of that side of the game, and find it quite easy to burn out.

This past week there was one day where I found myself slipping a little into the trappings of item levels and "getting stuff," then I quickly snapped out of it and realigned myself with the vision: See the story, explore the content, determine if it's worth playing Battle for Azeroth.

This next week I have two simple goals: Unlock flying for Broken Isles and do the Antorus raid. Everything after that will be gravy.

  • After you finish the raid, there is a short epilogue questline to finish, which does a nice job of re-establishing the core “Alliance vs Horde” story and the principle characters heading into BFA. Otherwise, that’s it for story content.

    If your looking for things to do, I’d recommend queuing up for PvP. Legion PvP has been pretty fun. I lost interest in raiding and dailies long ago, but there’s always joy to be had in finding a few buddies to queue up for an arena or BG. Fighting against another team of humans never gets stale, and the new Legion maps are gorgeous! Working towards the Vicious War mounts over a few months is pretty relaxing and gratifying. That said, it really depends on whether or not you enjoy PvP in WoW. Nowadays, it seems players either only ever PvE in WoW, or only ever PvP in WoW, with no in-between.

  • So I am about to jump back in, how hard was it to get your bearings again. I stopped right after the ToV came out so I am debating whether to pick up with a 110 and finish the story from the end of the first raid tier (so before broken shore and tombs, etc) or grab a 100 and go through legion from the beginning again

    • It was pretty hard in terms of story, but easy to execute once you figure out where you go.

      Simplest story route:
      1. Finish class quest
      2. Make sure you do Nighthold (or watch youtube of ending)
      2. Go to Broken Shore and experience the story
      3. Do Tomb of Sargeras
      4. Go to Argus
      5. Do final raid
      6. Do the wrap-up quests for the expansion leading to pre-patch (which hasn’t come yet)

      Efficiently speaking, you should jump into Argus asap. That’s where you’ll get the gear you need to make like easier. I personally don’t care about having uber gear, but I care about quality of life when out and about. Getting over 900 gear makes things so much easier.

      • I just finished up the Argus Storyline with the LFR raid. Man… Illidan…

  • Just wanted to leave a couple of tips on add-ons that have improved my enjoyment of the game immensely:

    Replaces quest dialog with all NPCs in-game with a beautiful solution that lets you read the quest text in smaller chunks. Makes a huge difference to me, I easily get discouraged by the wall of text, this add-on had me reading all the quest texts and enjoying the game so much more!

    Shows you a green arrow on gear that is an upgrade compared to what you’re wearing.
    Some love stat balancing their characters, I completely loathe having to check the stats for upgrades and this add-on had been a liberation for me and my immersion.
    I blindly rely on what it considers an upgrade and is lovely, it might not be right 100% of the time, but neither would I be myself, and this allow me to focus on enjoying the game.
    Also makes it easier to not accidentally sell or DE an upgrade.
    You can tweak the stat weights and import stat weights from having run a gear simulation on your own gear if you want it to be very accurate.

    A bag add-on that gives you the one bag interface, but sorts items automatically into categories. I hate sorting my bags and with this add-on there’s no need to. It’s like Arkinevtory but less configurable and 2000% prettier.
    You can find additional filters (fort instance for Legion specific items) on Curse.

    Hope that helps someone enjoy the game more like they have for me. 🙂

    • I’m debating if I should use Pawn. I suck at configuring gear parsing or simulators. I’d blindly follow it too, but I don’t know if that would lead me to the right gear choices or not. (Again, not that it matters I suppose?)

  • So, I’ve really enjoyed Wow. There are so many things that I still want to do before BFA comes out, but I know that there are at least 3 more months before it is released. I have plenty of time to do things and I find myself trying to rush through everything. I’m considering getting Frostpunk and playing that for a week to break up my time.

    • I’ve gone full bore for a week and can already feel a little of that burn. Probably should scale back myself. I really want flying unlocked so that I can casually fly around and gather or go after quest objectives. I also think it would make my play time at least 25% more efficient.