Returning to Legion Has Me All Confuzzled

Returning to Legion Has Me All Confuzzled

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I decided to take the advice many of you had for me over the past two weeks and resub to World of Warcraft to see what has changed in the past year. Actually, I stopped playing somewhere in February 2017, so that puts me having missed both the 7.2 and the 7.3 patches.

That’s sort of what I want to talk about in tonight’s brief post. I feel really, really lost. What follows are mild to major plot spoilers as I try and ask for your help and piece this together.

Last I remember, we had just defeated Gul’dan and done some sort of freeing of Illidan. Now that I load back into the game, I’m faced with having the Broken Shore available, Argus available, and all sorts of additional sub-plot storylines.

I’m feeling a little lot overwhelmed at this point.

What doesn’t help is having Khadgar in 12 places at once. I’m sort of struggling to find continuity in story when my experience through this story is now quite sloppy.

Here’s what I know I need to do:

  1. Unlock flying – I’m working on the Legionfall reputation
  2. Do the Tomb of Sargeras LFR to figure out that story
  3. Figure out Argus and how all of these characters fit together

I accidentally started the Argus stuff and saw cutscenes and even character appearances of Turalyon and Alleria. What confused me was that I also saw them in Stormwind at the Embassy before that …

Can someone explain to me when and how we see Turalyon and Alleria for the first time?

And I guess I’m struggling to find storyline and cutscenes that explain Velen and this ship of light stuff. I’ve tried searching Youtube and Google with no luck. The one video I found from that lore guy who does the videos was too broad and only showed me fragments of pieces I couldn’t put together.

Suffice it all to say, in the past day of playing I have spent more time alt tabbed trying to figure out where I am and what I’m doing than actually playing.

I think Blizzard should really have done a “let’s catch you up on what’s happening” guided tour. If they’re going to encourage people to return, I think helping them figure things out would be really nice.\

If anyone knows of a comprehensive “Here’s everything that has happened in Legion up until this point” recap, please send it my way.

  • So what happened after Gul’dan was defeated:
    1) Kil’Jaeden was forced to intervene and directly attack Dalaran. Heroes responded and blew up invasion fleet, after that invasions started happening in all Broken Isles zones.
    2) We broke through Legion’s forces and directly attacked Tomb of Sargeras. After defeating Kil’Jaeden Illidan uses artifact to open direct portal between Argus and Azeroth.
    3) Draenei complete Vindicaar (Velen started this project after seeing his corrupted son killed right before his eyes, this was in 7.0 solo scenario during leveling), we board it and fly to Argus. It turns out there are resistance forces called Army of Light, Turalyon and Alleria are leading them (we’ve seen their message in Heart of Light storyline in 7.0). The following plot leads to Antorus raid, where the story of Legion ends.
    4) Embassy is for allied races unlock, chronologically it happens after Antorus.

    • Thank you! That first video was a pretty key point I never got to see. That helped quite a bit.

      I’m trying to figure out where I’m at in the “heart of Light” storyline from 7.0. I did the part where Velen’s son died, but I think that’s where it ended.

      • After you kill Velen’s son and get ready to leave (actually use the channeled item/ability) a group of guards come rushing in. IF you stop the channel and listen, Velen asks whether Grand Artificer Ramuul is alive, and when told he is, tells the guards to get him to finish repairs on “the vessel”. If you let the channel finish you’ll be out of the area before you hear about the vessel being worked on. THe overall implication is that the Vindicaar is what they have been working on since the Exodar crashed back in BC.

  • Alleria and Turalyon have been leading the Army of the Light against the Legion under the guidance of the Naaru “Xe”ra”. Xe’ra decided to send her core to Azeroth to establish communication between the AotL and the Azerothians. Said core was recovered by the player adventurer, and brought to Khadgar. Through Xe’ra’s core, the two forces began coordinating for their invasion of Argus, planning to reunite the once they arrived. The Draenei built a new space vessel – the Vindicaar – with which to carry Azerothian forces to Argus, where we finally reunited with Alleria and Turalyon.

    • Pretty much this. There was a quest you could get at like 102 from Khadgar in Dalaran to go investigate a “meteor” that fell in the water near Surumar. You retrieve it, bring it to Khadgar, and its revealed to be the “sentience core” of the prime Naaru. It plays a message from Turalyon which reveals he is still alive and fighting the Legion with the Army of Light. This chain leads to the battle of exodar and then continues to finding Illidan, etc.

      The broken shore campaign, culminating in Tomb of Sargeras, is the last stand of the legion on Azeroth. The invasion started there and that’s where it ends. The campaign quest chain is just fighting various parts of the legion there, then you go into the Tomb to close the portal Gul’dan opened. I don’t know if you did the whole raid, but this is the ending cinematic You end up following Kil’Jaeden through a portal to his ship which is above Argus in the twisting nether. After killing him, Illidan uses the Sargerite Keystone (which Demon Hunters obtained during their 98-100 quests and can open portals to any demon world) to open a portal between Argus and Azeroth. This is how Argus ends up in the sky.

      Then you start the Argus quest chain. The Vindicaar is introduced for the first time in this first quest and one little line from Velen explains that they started building it after the battle of the exodar. When the vindicaar arrives on Argus, you see the Army of Light ship get shot down, and then meet Turalyon and Alleria on the ground. Keep going with this chain because its pretty good.

    • I did the quest to get the “meteor” last year and saw how that lead to the whole scene with Velen’s son dying. I’m not sure if I remember how it proceeds from there. Is that all part of the Class Order Hall? Would be neat to play through that again.

      Thank you for the summaries guys!

      • Only the first quest was required to complete the order hall campaign, rest were optional. The lights heart is in your order hall somewhere and probably has the next quest for you.

  • ..”having Khadgar in 12 places at once”. Yes! This is what I saw after quitting one third of the way into Warlords. Legion is a convoluted story, but it is one of their best. I am even regretting not playing Legion in propper time, as I think it might have been on par with Wrath’s storyline.

    • It’s way more interesting than Draenor and MoP, and even Cataclysm. If I can make my way through it, I’ll be able to decide if it’s on par with Wrath.

    • The 1st WoW expansion I’ve played at launch since Wrath…Mechanics are better in Legion, progression better in Wrath, world and story both better in Wrath, dungeons/raids/world bosses better in Legion…A great argument.

  • I’m going to reiterate my earlier statement:
    it is pointless to play much now. You can do all those goals but none of them will matter at all soon, and when 8.0 hits in a month or 2,3 all classes will substantially change. That is when playing will be useful.

    Doing it know has you running catchup for content that you prob won’t reach/rush classes that you might not like when they change.

    • I am giving the complete opposite advice to my friends, NOW is the best time to start. Gives you enough time to casually go and enjoy the current content (broken shore + Argus), unlock allied races and do an Antorus LFR to see it all. Plus, Argus is way more fun when you go there with an undergeared alt 😛 I find they did a good job with the catchup mecanics since I couldn’t see myself artifact grinding my alts or even my main’s other specs. Now I don’t ‘fear’ having to go through Legion with my alts, I just know ill quickly be Argus ready and 930 in now time, park them there ready for Bfa. Leveling zones are so active now, in the next few months I’m sure well see plenty of people 101-109 in Legion zones.

      Fun times.

    • I think what Caldazar is asying has merit. There’s no point in starting now if your goal is to get gear and be ‘good’ or to even actually play the game as it was meant to be played.

      The reason to play now that makes sense to me is really just to see the story in a haphazard was (since I can’t find a cohesive way to do it) and decide if BfA is for me.

      • I agree it has merit for a certain type of players, but let’s define “play the game as it was meant to be played”.

        They made it so the last questline is given to you once you kill the last boss of Antorus in LFR, after the final cinematic.

        So they “meant it” that from a lore/story casual style of gameplay, that would be the end goal to achieve. Aiming for anything more than completing Antorus LFR is pointless, beside unlocking some transmogs I guess.

        Which totally suits me since I have never seen the reason to run the same raid twice.

        I’m sure we would be surprised to see statistics about the % of players that don’t even bother doing normal raids nor mythics.

      • I’m certainly in that group of players, I haven’t raided actively since vanilla, in TBC I think I did in total 10 raid runs, in Wotlk I only attended alt runs and was pretty much carried, partly for some shinies but mostly just to experience the content. After Wotlk I more or less stopped playing, I have bought every expansion since and dabbled some, but I never went all in again, until now 😛

        The fact that we’re getting back to Horde vs Alliance is what drew me in again, I loved the faction hatred back in vanilla and I hope we get plenty of reasons to slaughter alliance filth in the upcoming expansion 😀

      • I’m in the same group. I think there are a solid number of people, however, who fit into the group that are very much the “play to progress” gamers. Those aren’t even the hardcore mythic+ gotta catch’em all types either. Those are an entirely additional group.

      • Problem with the last part is that BfA won’t be up for quite a while. If you’d start at prepatch, that seems like a way better time because at least class mechanics are adjusted to BfA so you can test what you want to play. And with the GCD changes, and the major overhauls, what plays good now will not neccesarily play good in BfA

      • Every WoW expansion has its “season of the alts” and we are currently in one. Blizz wised up and gave us some juicy allied races. Just finshed lvling my highmountain druid…A rewarding experience.

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      You could also try using Chrome or another browser’s field remembering stuff. Might work.

  • As much as you might deny it, you are in blave with WoW.

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